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Kumbakonam Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Kumbakonam? Here's a detailed Kumbakonam tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
21.3° C / 70.3° F
Current Conditions:
Clear Sky
Best Months To Visit:
December to February
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Tiruchirapalli International Airport (90 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Kumbakonam Railway Station (2 kms)

Kumbakonam, a town in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu in the south of India, is renowned for its temples, educational institutions, commercial establishments and of course the Mahamaham Tank. Called the ‘Cambridge of South India’, Kumbakonam had emerged as one of the most prominent centres of European and Hindu education and culture way back in the 19th century. Raja Veda Pathashala (1542) that teaches ancient Vedic scriptures, the Government Arts College (1857), Native High School (1876) and Town High School where math whiz Srinivasa Ramanujan studied are some of Kumbakonam’s earliest schools.


Kumbakonam is not only a town of temples, but also a place where art is a passion. Several classical expressions of art, be it bronze metal sculpturing, glass paintings or pith engravings are integral to the culture of Kumbakonam. Amidst all that hustle and bustle of business in the by lanes, the city presents the unique flavours of ancient spirituality through its temples and a rural beauty with its lush paddy fields combined so mellifluously with the aroma of piping hot Kumbakonam degree coffee.


If you are planning a trip to the charming temple town of Kumbakonam, our travel and tourism guide will help you plan a great trip.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Kumbakonam Tourism And Travel Guide
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Kumbakonam is a town that buzzes with commercial and tourist activities and needless to say has an efficient transport system, both to the city and within its periphery. The easiest way to reach the city would be by train.


By Air:

The closest airport is the Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) airport. The city has domestic flights to Chennai, Bengaluru and Kochi. There are international flights to Sharjah, Dubai, Singapore et al. Cab services are available from the Trichy airport to Kumbakonam.


By Train:

Kumbakonam has a well connected train facility to most cities in the country. There are auto rickshaws and cabs close to the railway station, which is just about 2 km from the heart of the city.


By Road:

There are frequent bus services to Kumbakonam from major cities and towns of South India. Kumbakonam is easily accessible via well laid SH and NH, so you could drive to the town or hire a cab for a two way trip.


Getting Around:

Kumbakonam has plenty of auto rickshaws, parked at all vantage points, along with mobile based app taxis and tourist operated cars for longer journeys beyond Kumbakonam. You could always hop onto a local bus for shorter distances.

Weather and the Best time to Visit

Weather and the Best time to Visit:  Kumbakonam Tourism And Travel Guide
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Kumbakonam has average tropical seasons with warm summers and pleasant winters. Summers and post monsoon months are considered off season and the best time to visit are from June to September and from December to February.


Summer (March - May)

Summers are more than warm and as a trip to Kumbakonam is all about travelling, you might want a more pleasant climate to choose from.


Monsoon (June - September)

Southwest monsoon months are agreeable, while the northeast or retreating monsoon might promise heavy rains, that might throw a wet blanket on your sightseeing tours.


Winter (December - March)

These months are soft and lovely and are the most ideal time for travel and for exploring the town. You could also visit Thiruvaiyaru (35 km) for Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival and Thanjavur (39 km) for the Thanjavur Brahannatyanjali Dance Festival (Feb - March).

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Kumbakonam Tourism And Travel Guide
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Navagraha Temples:

The Navagraha Kshetras of Tamil Nadu lie within about 60 km around Kumbakonam. It should take you just about a day or two for a relaxed well planned trip to all these planetary temples, right from Kumbakonam.


Bronze of Swami Malai:

Behold the intrinsic magnetism of the Swamimalai bronze idols that seem to come alive, as the Stapathis mould the most intricate lost wax figurines of Hindu Gods that are renowned worldwide.


The appeal of Kumbakonam’s Saris:

Thanjavur and Kumbakonam are a hallmark of metal casting and silk weaving. The wedding trousseau of a bride of Kumbakonam is never complete without a visit to the weaving centres at Thirubhuvanam.


Temple trails and a Goshala:

Set amidst a peaceful quiet country landscape, broken only with the ringing of bells and the gentle mooing of cows from the Goshala, the Panduranga Temple at Kumbakonam is sure to fill you with joy and serenity.


Crafts of Kumbakonam:

A pearly white model of a Taj Mahal or the Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple, encased snug in a glass case is a beautiful piece of pith craft. Learn the intricacies of pith crafting in Kumbakonam.


Bullock Cart Rides:

If you want to explore the villages of Kumbakonam, with its emerald green fields of Paddy and tall coconut trees, you would love a ride along the rough country road on a swaying bullock cart.


Shopping:  Kumbakonam Tourism And Travel Guide
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One of the high points of your trip to Kumbakonam after a temple tour is shopping, of course! There are innumerable things you can buy and even watch them being made. Shop for the bronze and brass figurines of Gods and lamps, kitchenware of copper and lead, silk and handloom saris, kalamkari, ornately designed temple jewellery and handmade metal decorations and pottery. If you are travelling to Thanjavur you could check out the Thanjavur paintings, bobble head dolls, brass decorated plates, lamps and bells.

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