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Coonoor Weather And Best Time To Visit Coonoor

Planning A Trip To Coonoor? Here's a snapshot of Coonoor weather and the best time to visit Coonoor

Coonoor is one of South India’s favourite hill stations. Coupled with a pleasant year round weather and some of the most captivating hillside charms, Coonoor sees a steady footfall of tourists almost throughout the year. Every season does its mite to enhance the charm of the hill station through which meanders rivulets and streams, and the dales that are flushed with a burst of colourful flowers!


The best time to visit Coonoor would be from winter to summer i.e from the months of November to May, when the weather is at it best.

Summer (March-May)

Summer (March-May):  Coonoor Weather And Best Time To Visit Coonoor
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Summer is peak tourist season in Coonoor because it’s hot in the plains below and people, locals and tourists alike, head to the hill stations to escape from the heat. Coonoor in summer is not searing hot, but is warm and mildly so, and you can travel and explore as much as you like. Summer turns the landscape bright and colourful after misty winter’s gone. Average temperature ranges 22°C - 37°C. Visit Sim’s Park for the annual summer Fruit and Flower Shows.

Monsoon (June-October)

Monsoon (June-October):  Coonoor Weather And Best Time To Visit Coonoor
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Coonoor gets moderate to heavy rains from both southwest and more predominantly the northeast monsoons. There might be occasional floods in low-lying areas and landslides in the Coonoor ghat road. Sudden downpours coupled with hailstones might throw traffic off gear. Monsoon is off season in Coonoor. Temperature ranges from a minimum of 20°C to 22°C.

Winter (November-February)

Winter (November-February):  Coonoor Weather And Best Time To Visit Coonoor
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Winter is mildly cool, with beautiful misty mornings. Temperature is about 10°C - 20°C. There might be occasional, though rare very cold winters when the temperature might dip to below 10°C. With rivulets and streams swelled by monsoon rains, winter is a good time to visit Coonoor, especially for the romantics at heart. Keep the winter blues away with a visit to the Tea and Tourism Festival in January and get to taste the best blends of Coonoor’s home grown teas.

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