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Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Copenhagen? Here's a detailed Copenhagen tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
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15.5° C / 60° F
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Best Months To Visit:
March to September
Recommended Duration:
3 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Copenhagen International
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Copenhagen Central

Copenhagen is the picturesque city of the Danes, a mix of palaces and museums, delectable Danish cuisine and long canals, of a Scandinavian culture that begins your orientation into the delights of the Nordic cities. Tourism here swells every spring and summer, especially because travellers pick Copenhagen as the starting point of their Nordic exploration. If you are ideating on your next holiday and Copenhagen is on your radar then here’s a travel guide fo you!

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide
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The easiest way from India to Copenhagen is by flight. Other modes are available from European and Nordic countries.


By Air:

Copenhagen International Airport constitutes one of the major airports not only in Denmark but all the northern Scandinavian countries. You can take a flight from Delhi or Mumbai to Copenhagen with one or two stops in between. Regular direct flights from Oslo, Paris and London also ply.


By Road:

The roads in Denmark are great, as they are in the neighbouring countries. So you can easily drive to Copenhagen from neighbours like Sweden, Norway and Germany. Eurolines and Greyhound buses are a cheaper option for the same.


By Rail:

The Copenhagen Central Station is the hub of trains that come into the city from all over Europe. You can easily travel to Copenhagen on an overnight train from Amsterdam, Paris, London, Munich and Frankfurt. Eurail is expensive for domestic travel, so take National Railways instead. 


By Water:

For ferries and catamarans coming into Copenhagen from outside, the DFDS Seaways Terminal is where they dock. You can sail to the city from two major port cities, namely Oslo in Norway and Fredericia of Denmark.


Getting Around:

In Copenhagen, you have a vast network of public transport, including metro trains, S-Bahn network trains, buses and on the expensive side - taxis. If you have an idea of the German public transport system or even the Paris system then you would figure out Copenhagen quite easily.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide
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In Copenhagen, the high season for tourism is from spring to summer, but those who are fans of Christmas also choose winter sometimes.


Spring (March to May):

With the temperature increasing from 2°C at the beginning of the season to 20°C by the end, spring is a real transition. This is a shoulder tourist season and most travellers prefer it over summer to save a lot of money. The days are longer and sunlit but there is still some cold in the air.


Summer (June to September):

The most coveted time of the year to visit Copenhagen, with bright sunny days and the temperature nice and warm. The beaches open up and the canals are fully thawed to take rides in. Most festivals, concerts and events are scheduled, making summer a party time.


Autumn (October to November):

Autumn time is rainy and cold and windy in Copenhagen, not the best for a holiday. The temperature goes dropping until by November it is hovering close to 0°C.


Winter (December to February):

The coldest time of the year, evidently. Even though the temperature is not so low, slipping to the lowest of -5°C, it feels colder because of the icy winds. Unless you are interested in Christmas festivities in the city, winter is best avoided.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide
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Enjoy the Tivoli Gardens:

The Tivoli Gardens make for the second oldest amusement park in Europe, and offer exciting rides, retro games, themed theatres, concerts and more. A family day out here is the best day out, with ice creams and cafes and all kinds of fun.


Take a Stroll by Nyhavn Harbour:

You can stroll by the New Harbour, click photos by the picture-perfect houses and buildings by its side, chill at the waterfront cafes and even take hour long canal rides in the ferries and catamarans starting here.


Ballet at Danish Royal Theatre:

Performing Arts fans, the Danish Royal Theatre is a charming place for an opera or a musical or ballet, yes. But they also host a special once-a-month show where they open doors on a Saturday morning to let audiences see the ballerinas train and practise. You can club this with some nice brunch at the cafe.


Try the Hippie life at Christiania:

Christiania is a very controversial but very unique settlement in the city of Copenhagen. A social experiment of sorts, it was a neighbourhood created 40 years ago, with around a 1000 citizens today that live a hippie lifestyle. It is a coveted tourist haunt.


Be a Dane and Cycle your way:

For getting around as well as to go for food tours or museum hopping tours, the best way is to hire a bicycle and peddle your way around Copenhagen. It has a number of dedicated cycling tracks and the Danes love to use this mode over others. So when in Daneland, definitely try what the Danes do.

What to Eat

What to Eat:  Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide
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Danish food is all about rye breads and porridge and cold cuts. Says who?


You will find a number of creative and designer cuisines here, most evolved from the traditional food of the Danes. When in Copenhagen, some things that you must try are Smørrebrød or simple ‘bread butter’ with exciting open top filings like fish, eggs, cheese and cold meats. It is called a farmer’ lunch but makes for a great city sandwich too. You should also taste Durum shawarma, a fusion of sorts with Turkish and Nordic delights. Another lovely dish is Frikadeller, or Danish meatballs. 


Other than these, Molecular cooking processes in Nordic cuisine is another rage here, as is organic produce for dishes.

What to Shop

What to Shop:  Copenhagen Tourism And Travel Guide
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The Danes are known for their silver jewellery, porcelain and blue pottery delicate items, Viking gear and accessories as well as bohemian clothes. For souvenirs, do buy a nisse, which is a Danish elf from their mythology, given as a gift on Christmas or winter solstice. They are so cute that many travellers end up buying different versions from different places to make their own personal collection. Other things to shop from around are Sømods Bolcher Bonbons, warm Danish open-heel slippers and Danish knitwear. The latter two are going to keep you warm.

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