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Copenhagen Weather And Best Time To Visit Copenhagen

Planning A Trip To Copenhagen? Here's a snapshot of Copenhagen weather and the best time to visit Copenhagen

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the most sought after destinations in the Nordic region. Located in the Oresund Strait in the Zealand Island region, Copenhagen is known for its mix of moderate and maritime weather patterns. The Gulf Stream spitting past its shores ensures that Copenhagen receives a good amount of humidity and warmth, to help it fight the cold of the North Pole and thrive. Hence here there are alternate cooling and warming streams, winds and mildness for most of the year. Here is a small glimpse of the best time to visit Copenhagen.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Copenhagen Weather And Best Time To Visit Copenhagen
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Denmark, as a country, does not see abrupt seasonal changes but a smooth transition from one to the other. So a Dane wouldn’t go to sleep on a cold February winter night and one fine morning wake up to find that it is spring. March is still in the process of thawing and winter is still gripping the land, but the sun is out and shinier than before. The temperature averages at around 2°C, with windy days. April warms some more at 8°C and longer days, while May is the best spring month to visit as the temperature has risen to a nice 20°C.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Copenhagen Weather And Best Time To Visit Copenhagen
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The dry time of the year starts with June, as the Baltic and North seas warm up and the beaches become perfect. As months for summer go by, rainfall starts increasing but not to the point of spoiling holidays. The temperature hovers in the 20s and there are many festivals, events and concerts held at this time. This is also the tourist high season, while spring comes a close seconds. Which means, summer is expensive while spring is easier on the pocket.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Copenhagen Weather And Best Time To Visit Copenhagen
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Autumn is the rainiest time of the year in Copenhagen, a city that sees almost 170 rainy days in a year. September is mostly summer, but is also the transition time, with cooling winds and more showers. October is autumn proper, and most locals drink loads of teas and mulled wines to counter the very wet days. The average temperature range is between 7-10°C, while the winds are whistling day in and day out. By November the rains are cold and harsh and the temperature touching 0 by the end. This time of the year is not recommended.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Copenhagen Weather And Best Time To Visit Copenhagen
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Winter season in Copenhagen is frosty, even though milder than the other Nordic regions. The mercury dips to 0°C by the month of December, but the icy winds make it seems colder than that. January nights are laden with frost and there is high humidity with an overcast gloom. At this time the temperature may dip to -5°C, then gradually going up by February. Some sunlight is to be expected at this time. In short, winters are not so great to visit Copenhagen as most of the outdoor fun and beauty is gloomed out.

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