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Yamunotri Weather And Best Time To Visit Yamunotri

Planning A Trip To Yamunotri? Here's a snapshot of Yamunotri weather and the best time to visit Yamunotri

Yamunotri, the starting point of river Yamuna, is a ice-locked glacier in the Himalayan reaches of Uttarakhand. The place is best visited in the months from May-June and September-November. One of the Char Dhams, Yamunotri has a very mountainous weather, and tends to remain very chilly throughout the course of the year. Like many of the other destinations this far up north, winters tend to get extreme and the town is practically closed off to visitors. Being situated at a massive height of 3293 metres above sea level, warm and woollen clothing is a necessity at all times when in Yamunotri. Read below to find out more on the best time to visit Yamunotri.

Summer (April – July)

Summer (April – July):  Yamunotri Weather And Best Time To Visit Yamunotri
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This is naturally the ideal time to visit Yamunotri. The Yamunotri Temple’s doors open up to the public around April. The temperature is at an ideal range of 6 to 20° C. The days are pleasant, but the nights do still become chilly and windy. Everything from trekking to pilgrimages can be enjoyed in this period. Visitors should stay alert for occasional showers as well during these months.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Yamunotri Weather And Best Time To Visit Yamunotri
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Frequent landslides and massive cloud bursts are just some of the characteristics we can use to describe the monsoon season in Yamunotri. Temperatures tend to range between 23 to 30°C. Torrential rainfall does not allow for much sightseeing or tourist activities. It is advised to check the weather conditions before venturing out.

Winter (October – March)

Winter (October – March):  Yamunotri Weather And Best Time To Visit Yamunotri
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Winter is freezing up in the higher reaches of the Himalayas. It is not recommended to travel to Yamunotri during this time of the year. Temperatures can drop as low as -7° C. Weather conditions are extreme, including blizzards and heavy snowfall. Roads and tourist activities are all closed off to the public for these months.

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