The Peloponnese
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Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese

Planning A Trip To The Peloponnese? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in The Peloponnese

The Peloponnese can be considered as a large island as it is surrounded by water on all sides. With a population of over 1 million, it offers both a beautiful city-life as well as traditional Greek village ambience. There are many places to see in the Peloponnese, especially the smaller quiet seaside towns. The region is filled with history and at every corner, there is a story that is just dying to be told. Get ready to be amazed, as you explore one of the most magical regions in Greece.


Patras:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Patras is the largest city in Peloponnese and is situated towards the north end of the region. While a bustling seaside city, it still has plenty of sightseeing places that would excite a tourist. Some of the popular spots are the Archaeological Museum, Roman Odeon, the Agios Andreas Cathedral, Castle of Patras, Georgiou I Square, the beautiful fully suspended Rio-Antirro Bridge (that connects to the mainland), Patras Hammam, Patras Lighthouse and much more.


Kalamata:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Kalamata is another coastal town in Greece and an underrated beauty with picturesque sunsets and charming architecture. Some of the popular sites to see here are the Archeological Museum of Messenia, the Railway Museum, the Central Market and of course the Old Town which has neoclassical buildings and architecture from Messene. There are also beaches nearby. Kalamata is famous for its Olives, so no trip can be complete without an Olive tour and tasting.


Elafonisos:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Elafonisos is a small island and is located just off Peloponnese. While there is not much to do here, it is popular for its aqua coloured water, soft sand, colourful flowers and peaceful environment. Visit the many beaches on each side of the Island, sip on a mojito and enjoy a romantic dinner. Whatever you do, you will surely get a million photographs out of it.


Nafplio:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Nafplio is a beautiful and romantic seaport town, founded by the Gods if you believe in Greek Mythology. The port was important and strategically used in the Middle Ages, however, it is not used much now except for a few seasonal tourist cruises. When visiting, walk by the waterfront and into the Old Town which is a Pedestrian only area. The cobble-stone narrow pathways are lined with shops and restaurants. Bougainvillaea trees gracefully cover parts of houses and shops, typical of Greek postcards. Visit Syntagma Square to see some historic buildings and monuments. And to top it off, visit Palamidi Fort, which will give you a stunning view of the entire city from atop a hill.


Kalavrita:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Kalavrita is a small town located in a valley between high mountains. The town is known for its bloody historic past and is currently popular with tourists as a ski town. Some of the other attractions this town has to offer are the Cog Train, which passes by some wonderful landscapes, the Holocaust Museum and Monument from World War II, the Monastery of Mega Spileo, Agia Lavra and others, Castle of Orias and stunning natural landscapes like Gorge of Vouraikos and Cave Of The Lakes.


Pylos:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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The town of Pylos has a population under 3000 people. Filled with wonderful Beaches, Caves and Lagoons, it is a lovely place to cool off for a few days. A historical place to visit is the Pylos Castle and also Methoni Castle is nearby. Pylos is not on many tourist maps, so it’s good for those who want to be away from people and have a relaxing holiday.


Koroni:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Also known as Corone, this beautiful town is located on the south-west edge of the region. Surrounded by water, it is picturesque with a touch of Venetian, Ottoman and Greek architecture. The town is famous for its Venetian Castle built in the 13th century. Also, don’t forget to visit the monastery nearby with its beautiful gardens. There are also many beaches around, so you can enjoy some watersport activities here and make a day of it.


Monemvasia:  Tourist Places To Visit In The Peloponnese
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Monemvasia is a small island under the municipality of Laconia. It is connected to the Peloponnese by a short causeway. It is a pretty little town with remains of some buildings from the medieval period. It has a population of around 1500 people. Some places of interest to visit are the Fortress, Christos Elkomenos Square and The church of Agia Sophia.

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