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Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos

Planning A Trip To Mykonos? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mykonos

Mykonos is a Greek island and is part of the Cyclades. This beautiful island has a population of only 10,000 people and still manages to be hugely crowded all the time, because of the many tourists that visit it each year. Tourism is a major industry here and students from other Greek cities come to Mykonos to work during the summers when it is buzzing with tourists. The island can be quite rocky in terrain with very strong winds. Some of the tourist places to see in Mykonos include its many beautiful and flawless beaches, windmills, churches and also the archaeological site of Delos which is a nearby island.

Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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The town of Chora, also known as Mykonos town, is the main town of the Island. Its narrow and cobbled streets look straight out from a storybook, with fancy shops and restaurants at every corner. All the houses and buildings are typically white with a coloured roof (mainly blue) which gives the whole town a very colour coordinated and picturesque look. You can wander around the maze of streets for hours and never tire of it. Stop by the old port for some breathtaking views of the sea and parked boats.

Delos Island

Delos Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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Just about 30 minutes from Mykonos is Delos Island which is an archaeological site. It is believed to be the birthplace of the Greek God Apollo and his sister Artemis. It is an uninhabited island and no overnight stays are allowed. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island itself is quite small and can be explored in a half day visit. There are many things to see including the Naxian Lions and ruins of temples, stadium, housing complexes, theatres etc. There is also a museum within the site that has on display many artefacts found on the island.

Little Venice & Kato Myloi Windmills

Little Venice & Kato Myloi Windmills:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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A picturesque set of houses form ‘Little Venice’. It lies alongside the water and makes for a beautiful sight especially during sunset. The name little Venice comes from the Italian city of Venice. In the 14th century, Mykonos was also under the rule of the Venetians and many of the buildings in Little Venice were built during that period. There are some bars & bistros around the area, so you can spend a good evening here.


The Kato Myloi windmills at Mykonos is a very famous landmark of the island. It is located in close proximity to Little Venice. There are 5 still-standing mills on a straight strip and they were constructed in the 16th century by the Venetians. They are not in use anymore and are merely used for tourism purposes now.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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Paradise Beach is a very popular beach in Mykonos with a beautiful sandy beach and clear water. There are plenty of bars and beach clubs on the beach that can get overly crowded between June and September. If you are looking for some loud music, exotic cocktails, open dance floors and you just want to have a good time, this is the place for you. During the summer, parties can last until the wee hours of the morning.


It is especially popular with Indian tourists, as there is also an Indian restaurant nearby.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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Elia Beach is one of the longest sandy shores on the Island. It offers beautiful pristine water that is great for swimming along with a lot of water sports like water-skiing, windsurfing and parasailing. The beach isn't as crowded as some of the other ones in Mykonos. Because of its privacy, many nudists come here and it is also a gay-friendly beach. There are many fine restaurants and bars along the beach along with sun-beds. You can easily spend a few hours here.

Platys Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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Platys Gialos Beach is about 5 km from Mykonos town and is one of the best family-beaches. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to have a good time. It is an organized beach (like most of the popular beaches are in Mykonos) where it is filled with sun-beds and umbrellas - and you need to pay for them if you want to use them. The soft sand, splendid views and calm waters make it a beautiful spot for swimming and taking it easy. This beach also offers water-sport activities and a water-taxi to take you to other beaches.

Paraportiani Church (Panagia Paraportiani)

Paraportiani Church (Panagia Paraportiani):  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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The Church of Panagia Paraportiani is located in Mykonos Town. It's a beautiful church constructed between the 15th and 17th century. It actually consists of 5 separate churches that are joined together. 4 of the churches are at ground level and the 5th one has been built above them. This whitewashed structure overlooks the water and makes for good photos!

Mykonos Folklore Museum

Mykonos Folklore Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mykonos
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This small museum is located in Mykonos Town (very close to Paraportiani Church) and is only open in the afternoon. There is no entrance fee. It has some interesting displays and paints you a picture of how the Greeks lived. It is worth a quick visit along with a stopover at the Aegean Maritime Museum and Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, both of which are located within the town itself and are in walking distances of each other. Visiting all 3 museums will give you a better picture of the history of Mykonos.

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