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Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes

Planning A Trip To Rhodes? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Rhodes

The island of the knights, as Rhodes is also famously known as is located towards the south-east of Greece and is actually closer to the Turkish coast than to Greece itself. Since ancient times, this island has been a popular vacation spot. There are many tourist places to visit in Rhodes from its medieval Old Town which is an architectural splendour, to its many wonderous beaches and scenic locations. It is an ideal beach holiday for families, an adventurous island for students and a romantic honeymooning spot for couples.

Old City

Old City:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.greece-is.com

Rhodes's most popular tourist spot is, of course, its Old Town. It has a population of 6000 inhabitants and probably millions of tourists each year. The Old Town is surrounded by medieval walls and has 7 gates that you can enter from, one of them is the port. It is a pedestrian-only area and you can just walk around and enjoy yourself looking at the little shops, cafes, museums and the pretty buildings. A few things you must visit while here are the 3rd-century temple of Aphrodite, the Archaeological Museum, street of Knights, Church of Agios Dimitrios, The Palace of the Grandmaster, the clock tower, Suleiman Mosque, Ippokratous Square, 15th-century Byzantine church of Agia Triada and the Turkish Baths.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by https://oddviser.com

This is a wonderful spot to visit with the entire family. This is the only national forest of Oriental Sweetgum trees and houses some very unique and interesting moths and butterflies. The landscaping is beautiful as you walk under the shade of the trees, alongside streams and waterfalls. There are plenty of butterflies to look at, fluttering around you and you can also learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. There is also a monastery you can visit at the top of a small hill. Visit the Museum of Natural History to learn more about the flora and fauna in the area.


Lindos:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.greeka.com

The little village of Lindos is located 55km from the main town of Rhodes. It has beautiful white houses which make it very picturesque and some beautiful beaches that you could lounge about in. The acropolis of Lindos is a very important archaeological site and is a must-visit as it has some interesting temples and other building remains. You can also get a great view of the village from up there, including St. Paul's bay. The little streets in the village are full of bars & restaurants and tourist shops - so you can simply spend your time getting lost in the alleys here and still love it!

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.greeka.com

The Archaeological Museum is located in the Old Town in a building that was once a hospital of the Knights of Saint John built in the 15th century. The collections you will find here are artefacts from different parts of Rhodes and its neighbouring islands. Some of the important items you will see are the Head of Helios, the Crouching Venus and a lot of ceramics with important artwork on them. The museum is open from 8 am to 8 pm from April to October and up to 3 pm during the winter months.

Ladiko Beach

Ladiko Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.mygreekfriend.travel

Ladiko Beach is a tiny cove that offers so much more than blue waters and a sandy shore. It is a popular spot with tourists especially during the summer but is still fairly peaceful and quiet compared to some of the other beaches. You can do snorkelling and scuba diving here. The beach is also equipped with all facilities like canoes, restaurants, beach chairs with umbrellas, showers, restrooms etc. A few meters from here you can also walk to Anthony Quinn bay which is another beautiful area of the beach. 

Agathi Beach

Agathi Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by https://rhodos.gr

Only 10 km north of the village of Lindos is another beautiful cove that is a must-visit. The beach has deep emerald waters, sandy shores, sunbeds and some shacks that will offer snacks and refreshments. It's a good way to spend a relaxed day - if you just want to sunbathe or swim in cool calm waters. It can get quite crowded during the summers. Other things nearby include Haraki Beach and the Medieval castle of Faraklos.

Seven Springs

Seven Springs:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.vacation-in-greece.gr

This magical oasis is one of the most beautiful places and wonders in Rhodes. Seven Springs is also known as Epta Piges. This secret paradise is a romantic spot for couples, families or anyone who loves nature. Even in the summers the springs and rivers here never run dry because of a dam built by the Italians. There are many walking trails that you will keep you occupied. There are restaurants in the park as well so you don't need to carry food with you. Don't miss out on walking into the dark tunnel which ultimately leads to a beautiful lake.

Ancient City of Kameiros

Ancient City of Kameiros:  Tourist Places To Visit In Rhodes
Photograph by www.angelfire.com

The archaeological site of Kameiros is located around 3 km from the village of Kalavarda. The ancient city was built on 3 levels. The top-level is the acropolis with temples and stoa. The middle-level is where the citizens lived and the lower level was the agora, fountain house and a few other temples. It was inhabited by Mycenean Greeks during the pre-historic period. The city was destroyed in an earthquake in 226 BCE.

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