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Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop

Planning A Trip To Patnitop? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Patnitop

Located close to the Pir Panjal range, Patnitop, the well known hill resort, has some of the most picturesque landmarks and locations in the state of Jammu And Kashmir. Whether you are religiously inclined, seeking adventure and thrill or simply wanting to kick back and relax, Patnitop will awaken the travel enthusiast in you. Already excited and ready to explore? Well, before you start exploring, read on to get an idea of the most frequent tourist places to visit in Patnitop.


Nathatop:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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Located at an altitude of 7000 ft., on the Patnitop-Sanasar road, Nathatop is a 14 km trek from Patnitop and the most popular attraction in the Udhampur district. Once up there, one can see the stunning view of the Kishtwar Ranges of the Himalaya along with the Shivalik range. The natural beauty of the hillock, which is surrounded by pine trees and snow capped mountains, is a great place to visit at any time of the year.


If you are into winter sports, the period between November and March may be an excellent time to visit Nathatop, as it is thickly covered by snow and tourists can enjoy skiing and sledging. In the warmer months of summer, Nathatop does not disappoint its tourists and the thick snow is replaced by lush greenery. The popular activity of paragliding during the summer and watching the Himalayan range from this altitude is the ultimate experience. The fresh water springs, green valleys and flower laden paths are the reasons for the popularity of this attraction.

Naag Mandir

Naag Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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The 600 year old, small structured Naag temple is well renowned and one of the most famous attractions in Patnitop for tourists. The locals say that this temple was the place where Lord Shiva and Parvati got married and also that the temple was built in honour and respect of the serpent deity. People who have visited, share accounts of miracles that they have experienced, owing to the common belief amongst the locals that the serpent deity fulfills every wish in the temple. Though ladies are not allowed inside, one can follow the tradition of tying red ribbons on the trees surrounding the temple, also known as ‘Mannat’.


Tourists are not allowed to take pictures on the premises as many complain that they have had nightmares and have seen the serpent deity in their dreams until they deleted every trace of the photographs taken.

Billoo Ki Powri

Billoo Ki Powri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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Towering over the town of Kud, Billoo ki Powri is a flight of 270 steps carved out of a mountain. Although, the exact date and era of the origin of this piece of art remains untraced, locals say that it was built by the king of Chenani, as a means for a shorter route to go to Batote town. Owing to the fact that there were no modern tools during that era, the skill and craftsmanship of the workers is quite surprising.

Kud Park

Kud Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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The Kud Park is located in the town of Kud in the Udhampur District. This park, which is a part of the Himalayan range, is famous for beautiful flowers. If you are a nature enthusiast, the Kud Park is perfect to feast your eyes on some gorgeous flowers that have different sizes and vibrant colours. This spot is good for day picnics with your family and is also couple friendly. After you are done with a leisure walk in the park, hop down to Prem sweets in Kud to satisfy your sweet tooth with some ‘Patisa’, a famous sweet in this area.


Madhatop:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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Madhatop is a 5 km trek from Patnitop, surrounded by virgin forests and mountains covered with fog, overlooking the Chenab River. This is a popular location for families as well as couples on honeymoon. Madhatop is located at an altitude of 2024 m. and attracts skiers from all over the country during the winter time, when this beauty is covered with a thick blanket of snow. There are also a few ice-cold water springs that are known to have medicinal properties. Tourists enjoy the delightful scenery of this place and often narrate their experience as being ‘amidst the clouds’. The pristine beauty and quaint atmosphere of this location attracts many every year!

Sudh Mahadev Temple

Sudh Mahadev Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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Standing at an altitude of 1225 m, the Sudh Mahadev Mandir is a famous temple in Patnitop. This sacred temple has a story attached to it. It is said that a demon named ‘Sudheet’ had come to visit Goddess Parvati while she was immersed in her prayers. When the goddess saw the demon, she screamed with fear, which led to Lord Shiva throwing his trident (trishul) towards the demon. While Sudheet was dying, he repented and expressed his regret for his bad deeds and that although he was a demon, he meant no harm and was a devotee of Shiva himself. Lord Shiva forgave him and conferred that the demon’s name would be taken before his and that is how the name ‘Sudh Mahadev Temple’ came into being. Hundreds and thousands of people visit this temple every year, the premises of which hold the remains of the broken trident that had once killed the demon.

Shiva Garh

Shiva Garh:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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Located at an altitude of 3500 m., a trek to Shiva Garh, located at a distance of 11 km from Patnitop, is yet another beautiful attraction. This trek is a gorgeous one, just like any other in Patnitop, surrounded by thick pine woods and beautiful sceneries of the quaint towns of Kud and Batote. With cool breeze blowing all through the summer months to chilly winds and snow that make it a prime location for skiing in the winters, visit Shiva Garh to feel delighted by the grandness of the Himalayas and experience nature in its most pristine form.

Sanasar Lake

Sanasar Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Patnitop
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One of the most popular attractions of the serene hilltop of Patnitop, located at a distance of 17 km, is the Sanasar Lake, also known as ‘Mini Gulmarg’ due to its scenic beauty. The location is a hub for all sorts of adventure sports that will definitely appeal to the adventurer inside you. Surrounded by green meadows, the Sanasar Lake has a golf course for tourists who enjoy the sport. Paragliding above the glimmering lake is an incredible experience for thrill seekers while adventure sports like cliff- climbing, rafting, mountain biking, snorkeling and many more activities by the lake, appeal to the people who would love to get the wind in their hair, without being as adventurous.


You can even hire camping equipment and camp right next to the Sanasar Lake, watching the stars twinkling at night while you roast dinner on an open fire.

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