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Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam

Planning A Trip To Pahalgam? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Pahalgam

Often referred to as a Health resort, Pahalgam is a top tourist destination of Northern India. Also called “The Valley of Shepherds”, Pahalgam offers breathtaking views of panoramic landscapes. The beauty of Pahalgam lies in its thick and lush pine backwoods, picturesque spots of natural beauty, and the magnificent Himalayan backdrop. From sightseeing to adventure sports, popular pilgrimage points to romantic valleys, with a sprinkling of blue lakes and pristine rivers, Pahalgam has it all. Here are the top tourist places of Pahalgam, from Betaab Valley to Amarnath, Tulian Lake to Aru Valley.

Betaab Valley

Betaab Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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The Betaab Valley, located 15 kilometers from Pahalgam, lies on the road to the Amarnath Pilgrimage. The valley derives its name from the Bollywood blockbuster which was shot here. It is a trekker's paradise and serves as base camp for a number of high-altitude trails. Betaab valley with its lush green meadows, snow clad mountain peaks, and streams serves as a great picnic spot, often preferred by honeymooners and couples. 


Chandanwari:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Chandanwari is located on the periphery of Pahalgam and holds great religious importance as it marks the starting of the Amarnath Yatra. This place is also known for snow sledding. Chandanwari, like most places around Pahalgam, serves as a perfect picnic spot for families and friends. Chandanwari is snow laden during the winters and it's easy to spot snow-ball fighters hard at work!

Aru Valley

Aru Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Aru is a nice little town in the Lidder Valley. It's a snow covered meadow with a view that rejuvenates you. The drive up to Aru is packed with stunning backdrops so be prepared to take some awesome photographs. Aru serves as the base camp for trekkers to the Kolahoi glacier. You can also interact with the locals and go for a stroll at the shops in Aru village. 

Mamleshwar Temple

Mamleshwar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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The Mamleshwar temple is not only a tourist attraction but also holds historical importance. This temple has a history that dates back to the 12th Century. This ancient site is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built by the then King Jaysimha, this temple is built entirely from Stone. It is a typical Shiva Temple, with Shiva Linga inside. A Pahalgam tour is incomplete without a visit to the divine Mamleshwar temple. 

Tulian Lake

Tulian Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Tulian Lake lies 16 kilometers from Pahalgam. This beautiful and clear lake is situated amidst snow clad mountains. Tulian Lake is quite a sight for tourists. It is described as the “ideal way” to explore the charm of the Kashmir Valley. The path of Tulian Lake from Baisaran is not an easy one. It is full of difficulties, without any trekking trails and one has to endure some tough heights to get to its shore. However, it is worth it all. The beauty of Tulian Lake is truly a bliss.


Baisaran:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Baisaran is one of the thick lush meadows of the Kashmir Valley. Located just 5 kilometers away from Pahalgam, this pleasant site is often called “Mini Switzerland” as the long dark meadows bear resemblance to the ones in Switzerland. Baisaran has dense pine forests. The snow capped mountains all around are in contrast with the meadows. Baisaran also acts as a base camp for trekkers heading to the Tulian Lake. 

Avantipur Temple

Avantipur Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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The Avantipur Temple is an age old shrine in the area that has been built and destroyed numerous times. The ruins look beautiful, in a calm ancient way, as if an elder of the house has settled into their old age. The temple falls on your way to Pahalgam, and was first built in 800 CE by the Maharaja Avantivarman. Do visit here to experience the vibes of ancient stones and click lots of pictures.

Kolahoi Glacier and Lidder River

Kolahoi Glacier and Lidder River:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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The Lidder River is a glacial stream that begins in Kolahoi glacier and flows downwards through the beautiful valley of Pahalgam. While the Kolahoi glacier is hanging up there and is best reached by treacherous treks, the river is easily accessible by all for picnics, horse riding lessons, fishing, angling and rafting.

Lidder Amusement Park

Lidder Amusement Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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When in Pahalgam and craving some fun, visit the Lidder Amusement Park. Here, in the midst of snowcapped mountains and meadows, you get to enjoy simple fun activities like riding a bumping car, travelling in a mini rail or going for rides in paddle boats. Children especially enjoy the pleasures of this place. If you have a spare day and don’t know what to do then this is your answer.

Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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The valley of Lolab is oval in shape, known for its unparalleled beauty, virgin meadows, thick forests of pine and natural springs that bubble out of nowhere.People — locals and tourists alike, come here to pitch tents and enjoy bonfires and night-outs. If you are around at the right time you can also spot hanguls, snow leopards, musk deer and Himalayan bears. Lolab is about 9 km away from Kupwara.


Panchtarni:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Panchtarni is another camping site known for its scenery in Pahalgam. It is located 40 km away, and is also a little stop for Amarnath pilgrims. Helicopters for Amarnath also land here, leaving the pilgrims to walk the rest of the way. Amarnath is not far from here, only 6 km. So if you are around in season then do visit the ancient temple too.

Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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How can one miss the grand and glorious Amarnath Yatra when talking about Pahalgam? The town falls on the way to the cave temple, making a night stop for many pilgrims travelling on foot. The Amarnath shivling forms during late winters, and endures until late summer. The cave hence only opens in shravan month that falls in July or August. If you happen to visit Pahalgam in this season then don’t miss Amarnath.

Pahalgam Golf Course

Pahalgam Golf Course:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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One of the most unique golf courses, built at this height and accessible almost year round — the Pahalgam Golf Course is all green grass carpets in the midst of iced mountains. Golf lovers, you must visit this place to play a game and walk in one of the most beautiful manmade landscapes in Pahalgam. Though the peak of summer is best to see this golf course, the transition seasons are also pretty good, even though you may not be able to play a game then.

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Pahalgam
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Sheshnag Lake is named after the great snake that winds itself to create a throne for Lord Vishnu in the grand Sea of Milk. This sheshnag came as Lord Laxman, the younger brother of Lord Ram and then as Dauji, the elder brother of Lord Krishna; to support Lord Vishnu in his earthly tasks. Surrounded by never-ending line of pine trees and magnificent mountains, Sheshnag lake is the centre of peace and tranquillity and beauty in Pahalgam. Many pilgrims also visit here as the legend dictates that Sheshnag lives here, in this lake.

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