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Things To Do In Pahalgam

Planning A Trip To Pahalgam? Here's our list of top things to do in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is popular for its panoramic landscapes which are known to refresh both body and mind. The lush green meadows are sure to make you feel spiritual and one with nature. Being a blend of cultural and natural beauty, Pahalgam is a top tourist destination. Here are a few things you should not miss doing while in the valley of Pahalgam.

Go Trekking

Go Trekking:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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Pahalgam is not only a place for spirituality and calmness but is also a great spot for adventure enthusiasts. It offers quite a few opportunities to pump the adrenaline. Trekking at Pahalgam is a thrill and can be a challenging experience. The most popular trails are Kolahoi Glacier, Amarnath Holy Cave, Sheshnag Lake, Tulian Lake, Chandanwari, Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake. The Kolahoi glacier is situated at a staggering height of 18000 feet. It can give you a nerve-wrenching experience. The rocky slopes, slippery terrains, and snow laden mountains are perfect for adrenaline junkies and adventure lovers. The blend of lush green meadows against the backdrop of the snow white mountains is truly a breathtaking experience.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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At Pahalgam, White water rafting is another treat for the adrenaline junkies. Aru Branch of the river Lidder is the most popular spot for white water rafting. This activity is an experience worth living, giving you the exploration of a whole new adventure. If you are looking for some truly adventurous action, go for this!


Fishing:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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If you are tired of the daily, monotonous life of hustle and bustle, and need some rejuvenation, you can go fishing in Pahalgam. Many private organizations in Pahalgam provide fishing equipment. The sound of gushing water, chirping birds, and the blowing winds of the Lidder valley is a good enough setting to find inner peace! 


Golfing:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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Pahalgam is a prime location for golfing and is a coveted destination for golf lovers. The Pahalgam golf course is a premium affair. Located at a massive height and surrounded by the mighty mountains, this green haven offers luxury and state of the art facilities; all for a reasonable charge. Even the ones who are not golf enthusiasts can have a great time here by clicking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

Get Devout

Get Devout:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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Pahalgam is a pilgrim spot being with the Amarnath cave being so close. Though the Amarnath Yatra involves a trying trek, there are other spots within Pahalgam which deserve recommendation. Visit the ancient Avantipur temple, dating back to 853 AD. Explore the ruins to get a glimpse into the far away past. Later you can also visit the 12th-century Mamal temple.

Visit Sheshnag Lake

Visit Sheshnag Lake:  Things To Do In Pahalgam
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This clear blue lake surrounded by snow clad mountain peaks lies just 23 kilometers away from Pahalgam. Named after the king of serpents, it is believed that the lake was dug by the king himself. In fact, local legends have it that the Sheshnag lives within the depths of the Lake. Sheshnag or not, you will definitely find quite a few brown trouts at the end of your fishing rod if you are camping here.

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