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Patnitop Weather And Best Time To Visit Patnitop

Planning A Trip To Patnitop? Here's a snapshot of Patnitop weather and the best time to visit Patnitop

Patnitop, one of the most stunning hill stations in Jammu And Kashmir, is located at an elevation of 6640 ft. and is famous for its incredible scenic beauty of dense pine forests and rich greenery.


The weather in Patnitop changes during different times of the year. Although, the most ideal time to visit Patnitop depends upon the traveler’s preferences and taste, the three seasons in this hilltop; summer, monsoon and winter offer a unique experience for each traveler. Summers are for adventure lovers, while monsoons are for tourists who are looking to relax and sit back to watch the serene beauty of the place. Winter in Patnitop that start from November and extend all the way to February, is the best time to visit. The huge snow capped mountains and the natural beauty of the place in this season is an experience that is absolutely unforgettable.

Summer (April-June)

Summer (April-June):  Patnitop Weather And Best Time To Visit Patnitop
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If you are a leisure traveler; summer, which extends from April to June, is the best season to visit this scenic hilltop. The average temperature during this season goes up to a maximum of 35°C during the day time and goes down to a minimum of 15°C during the night time. The hill station becomes a hub for various adventure activities during the months of April, May and June. Camping, paragliding and trekking are some of the fun adventure sports that one can enjoy during this time, due to the pleasing climate. Patnitop summers are the perfect time to head out for a leisure walk and discover nature, go for an early morning trek to Nathatop or Shiva Ghar or even just sit and relax at the Kud Park.

Monsoon (July-October)

Monsoon (July-October):  Patnitop Weather And Best Time To Visit Patnitop
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The monsoons in Patnitop are moderate and have light showers accompanied by thunderstorms, from the month of July until the end of September. If you are not a very adventurous person, but still want to enjoy the spectacular view of this hill station, monsoon is a good time for you. Since monsoons are off-season for Patnitop, it is easy on the pocket, with packages and accommodations that are priced low. The average temperature during this season may go up to about 25°C during the day time and can drop down to about 6°C to 8°C during the night. Sightseeing can get difficult during these months, but watching the beautiful greenery from one’s hotel room along with a hot beverage in hand, is an absolute treat for any one simply looking for a change from their daily schedules.

Winter (November-March)

Winter (November-March):  Patnitop Weather And Best Time To Visit Patnitop
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Winter in the magnificent hilltop of Patnitop, begins in the month of November and lasts through February. It has its own unique charm and is the best time to visit during the year. The highest temperature during this season is approximately 20°C, with the lowest being 3°C to -2°C. Hence, if you are travelling during this season, carrying warm clothes is a must!


Diverse sporting activities like skiing, ice skating, winter camping and many more adventure sports, top the list of travel enthusiasts visiting here during winter. The Winter Carnival; which is a three day festival in Patnitop, is annually hosted by the Jammu And Kashmir Tourism Department. It welcomes tourists from all over the country and the world to have an amazing experience and witness the natural splendor of the hill station. There is a good amount of snowfall during this time of the year, but the hilltop does not face any road blockages, making it the perfect time to visit temples like Sudh Mahadev and Billoo ki Powri.

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