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Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad

Planning A Trip To Ghaziabad? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a urbanized city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that is approximately 19 km east of New Delhi. The city’s name was derived from the founder Ghazi-ud-din who first named it Ghaziuddinnagar and later on shortened it to Ghaziabad. There are many attractions and tourist places to visit in Ghaziabad due to which, several people travel to this city every year. You can feel close to nature in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city by going to the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary or you can visit places of worship like the ISKON Temple and the Lakshminarayan Temple. Even though it is an industrialized city, it still has many places to visit that people enjoy. Below is our list of places to visit once you are in Ghaziabad, let’s have a look.

Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary

Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Spread over an area of 2073 km, the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the main attractions close to Ghaziabad. A two hour drive from the center of Ghaziabad city will take you to this beautiful wildlife sanctuary that has a variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is situated right by the Ganga River where the muddy banks are perfect for migratory birds to come and breed in. Over 350 different species of birds are seen in this region which makes it an absolute unique attraction. You can see animals like the jungle owlet, black and white necked stork, hyena, leopard, cheetah, sambhar, blue bull and many more varieties of animals. The best time to visit the sanctuary is during January to June, when the climate is nice and you are able to see a variety of flora and fauna.


Dasna:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Dasna is a small town located in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The town was established by King Salarsri, a Rajput king back in the day. This town has a lot of history; it is said that King Salarsri was suffering from leprosy and had to come down to the town of Dasna for his treatment. As soon as he settled in the town, he was mesmerized by the beauty of River Ganga and its water, shortly after which he built a fort for himself right in front of the banks of the river. After he died, the town was captured by Ahmad Shah Abdali and he not only took over the town, but also the fort. Other than the fort, you can also visit the Devi Temple in Dasna which is said to have a lot of mythological significance and is revered by anyone visiting the town.

Mohan Nagar

Mohan Nagar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Located at distance of 7 km from Ghaziabad city, Mohan Nagar is a town that is completely industrialized and is located on the Grand Trunk Karnal Road. Mohan Nagar is filled with factories of different industries like ice factories and distilleries; it also has a few breweries around town. The most famous place to visit in Mohan Nagar is the Mohan Nagar Temple which is absolutely beautiful and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. This temple is respected by all the locals living in the area and also by people who visit this town. The temple is worth visiting and gives visitors a sense of peace and extreme devotion. If you are interested in Archeology and go a few kilometers away from the main town, you can see the site of an ancient civilization on the banks of the Hindon River that dates back to 2500 BC.


Dadri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Situated in the district of Ghaziabad, Dadri is a small town in Gautam Budh Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. Located at a height of 216 m, Dadri is known for the world’s largest power project, which is managed by the National Thermal Power Corporation. The reason this is famous is because the power plant produces 1670 MW of electricity in total with 840 MW generated from the coal fired thermal plant alone and the other 830 MW is generated by gas fired plants. Other than visiting and seeing these industrial factories, Dadri is also known to have history related to the freedom struggle; in 1857, Raja Umrao Singh and some other chieftains fought against the British, but were penalized to death shortly after.

Indirapuram Habitat Center

Indirapuram Habitat Center:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to Indirapuram Habitat Center, a recreational shopping and entertainment center which is enjoyed by both the local as well as tourists who visit Ghaziabad. This place is the center of all business in the city and comprises of several high end shops with a number of known brands. The Indirapuram Habitat Center has various recreational things to do like a multi facility club, spas, cafes, restaurants, studio apartments, retail stores, a pool and a gymnasium. If you are looking to get away from the city and relax, don’t forget to stop by here to enjoy a day filled with fun and frolic with your family.

Lakshminarayan Temple

Lakshminarayan Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the Lakshminarayan Temple in Ghaziabad is one of the most famous temples in the vicinity with several people visiting it every year. The architecture of the temple is absolutely mesmerizing and is made of red sandstone; it comprises of tall shikharas and beautifully sculpted doorways and windows. The shrine inside the temple is mesmerizing and people come all the way from different cities just to offer their prayers and attain blessings from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. The atmosphere in the temple complex is serene, which is one of the reasons why people visit the place; the temple is situated in a spacious ground, which is well maintained and decorated with flowers and trees, giving out great vibrations to anyone who visits.

City Forest

City Forest:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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Expanding over an area of 175 acres of land, the city forest is one of the most visited places in Ghaziabad. This park is one of the top parks in the city and has a number of facilities for its visitors. The entire park was built in an existing cover of trees, which is now well maintained and the existence of a variety of flora and fauna. Once you visit, you can avail facilities like horse riding, and guided tours both walking and in a jeep. On the tour of the park, you can see many animals and a lake that has boating facilities. The natural beauty around the lake while boating is an absolute stress buster after which you can go for a hike or simply relax by the water body and spend some time relaxing. This is a good place to visit, especially when you are with family or a big group.

Drizzling Land Water and Amusement Park

Drizzling Land Water and Amusement Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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If you are visiting Ghaziabad during the summer months, the Drizzling Land Water and Amusement Park is one of the best places to visit to beat the heat. This amusement park is the best one in the city and is designed with lovely water slides, pools and some of the most thrilling rides. Visit the park with family and friends to enjoy a day of fun and frolic along with delicious cuisine that is offered at the park itself. If you plan to stay here for a couple of days, you can even find accommodation at a decent rate. The place is great to visit with bigger groups as it has several different things to do throughout the day. Due to the amusement park having an array of different rides and slides, it is a famous one in the area and is visited by different people from within the state as well as other states.

Swarna Jayanti Park

Swarna Jayanti Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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The city of Ghaziabad has quite a few good parks to visit, one of them being the Swarna Jayanti Park. The park has free entry and one can spend the entire day in it just exploring and being close to nature. There are various facilities in the park like playgrounds for children, walking trails to go hiking, bike riding trails, volleyball courts and a lot more. You can even get to see a musical fountain show in the evenings for entertainment or go attend a yoga class that is held in the park itself; either way, there is something to do for everyone at this park. Amidst the lush greenery in the park, you can also spot statues of legendary figures all around the park. Enjoy a day in the beautiful Japanese Garden inside the park and then relax in the lawns all afternoon for a peaceful day in the city.


ISKCON Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ghaziabad
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ISKCON Temple anywhere in the country attracts massive amounts of crowd and it is no different for the one in Ghaziabad. Thousands of Lord Kirshna’s devotees flock to this ISKCON Temple every year to offer their prayers to the shrine. The architecture of the structure is beautiful and the place specifically looks even more beautiful during Janmashtami; the entire temple is decorated with lights and is one of the most beautiful things to see in Ghaziabad. Other than the temple, the complex also has a museum that tells its visitors the epic mythological story of Mahabharat through graphic images and videos. Whether or not you are a devotee of Krishna, the ISKCON Temple is absolutely worth visiting.

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