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Things To Do In Prague

Planning A Trip To Prague? Here's our list of top things to do in Prague

Prague is a city of serpents and angels that are frozen in time with statues, side by side. Prague is a city that is home to palaces and idyllic footbridges alike. It is a city of Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings that have the Gothic and Neo-Gothic going side by side. In other words, Prague is a beauty that haunts with its charm. This Czech capital city, popularly referred to as the City of a thousand spires, is one of the most coveted destinations by tourists scouting Central Europe for holidays. And what can you do here? A lot of things. Here’s our humble list.

Stroll down the Charles Bridge

Stroll down the Charles Bridge:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Charles Bridge is to Prague what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is the go-to, first thought place that most travellers choose to visit when in Prague. And why not? This 800 year old bridge is an ode to the era of beauty and art in this city. The Charles Bridge crosses from Mala Strana to the Old Prague Center, straddling the mighty Vltava river. The bridge is held aloft by three Gothic towers and has close to 32 Baroque style statues, that of kings and princes and saints and apostles at regular intervals. You must stroll on its cobblestone-lined walks.

Visit Prague Castle

Visit Prague Castle:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Prague Castle is this city’s star highlight, a monstrosity of a castle that not only hosted the residence of Bohemian Kings and their subjects but also has cathedrals, gardens, churches and ponds sparkled with greenery everywhere. Today it is the home of the Czech President and also open for visitors. You must tour this landmark in Prague and enjoy what it has to offer.

Meander to the Old Town Square

Meander to the Old Town Square:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Old Town Square of Prague is one of the most special centres of Prague’s history as well as contemporary life. It is also a one-stop destination for a lot of sites that you might covet in the city. From the Old Town Hall to the Astronomical Clock, from the Clementinum Public Library to Tyn Church and the Jewish Quarter, this part of Prague holds much of its art. You will also find shops and bars, cafes and hotels, some as old as World War II that have survived.

Reverse Time in Malá Strana

Reverse Time in Malá Strana:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Mala Strana area of Prague is located at the foothills of the Prague Castle, home to cobble stone-lined streets, historical buildings, centuries old houses and an ancient vibe to it. This is a tourist favourite neighbourhood, always buzzing with activity, in every season. The food in most street stalls and cafes is overpriced so don’t bother, and the souvenirs are cheap but not long lasting. So keep shopping aside and instead just lose yourself in history. 


Some coveted places to check out in the area are Petrin Tower, Wallenstein Garden, Church of Saint Nicholas and the iconic Franz Kafka Museum.

Picnic at Wallenstein Garden

Picnic at Wallenstein Garden:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Wallenstein Garden is one of the most beautiful parks in Mala Strana neighbourhood. With its views of the Prague Castle rising on one side and the Wallenstein Palace and Koi pond on the other, this park is going to help you wring out all that fatigue of hiking up castles and strolling down squares. It is also home to some Baroque statues and is buzzing with pretty white peacocks strutting around in all their glory. You can feed them, pet them and enjoy their sweet lyrical sounds as you sit by the lake and enjoy your own day.

Guzzle Czech Beer

Guzzle Czech Beer:  Things To Do In Prague
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The Czech Beer is such a lovely every day affair in this country that the Czech Republic has the highest per capita consumption of this beverage. Prague also seems to romance this particular beer as it hosts many bars and restaurants where you get to guzzle this fine, unique brew. It is cheap, cold and easy on the stomach. So visit one of the bars and you are sure to chug at least a pint. You can raise you bottles to the patent Czech toast of ‘Na Zdravi’ or ‘to health!’

Go to a Christmas Market

Go to a Christmas Market:  Things To Do In Prague
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The world’s best Christmas Markets come to life in these Central European cities. After Austria, it is the Czech Christmas markets that wow the world. So if you are around in winter months between November and January beginning then do visit one of Prague’s many Christmas markets. With the fragrances of hot mulled wines and fruit cakes, apple strudels and coffees, you will enjoy the wares on sale too - wooden toys, Bohemian glass, puppets, clothing, handmade soaps, scented candles, Christmas trees, decor and more. All this while Christmas Carols are sung by happy choirs and Santa strolls the street with a pocket full of candy. 


Prague’s best Christmas night markets are held at the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Peace Square.

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