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Tourist Places To Visit In Prague

Planning A Trip To Prague? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic can be simply summed up in a small phrase - ‘the Disneyland of adults.’ This beautiful city is all about palaces and churches, gothic statues and romantic benches, fairytale bridges and picturesque squares. With its old world charm supplemented by the Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau art and architecture, Prague attracts tourists to its places of attraction. From the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square, here’s our list to help you plan your itinerary.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The Prague Castle is the crowning glory of this city, holding the place of pride in the Hradcany neighborhood of Prague. It was the home of Bohemian Kings and Princes once upon a time, full with all the spires and turrets and towers and conical roofs. Now the castle is the Czech President’s humble abode and a part of it is thrown open to tourists. It dates back to 870 AD and has been repaired and refurbished over the years. You must explore the castle and the structures inside the walls that include Old Royal Palace, the Golden Lane, St. George's Basilica and Powder Tower.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The highlight of Prague, the Charles Bridge is one of the most recognised landmarks of Europe, as old as it is magnificent in its build. The bridge is not only a pedestrian and vehicular bridge built over a river but also an open gallery of sorts, with 32 points of interest at regular intervals showcasing various statues and sculptures from various eras of time. Here angels are carved of dark stone and give off a demonic vibe, and serpent figurines crawl out of benches dedicated to apostles and saints. Such is the mix of gothic and romantic. The bridge was built back in 1357 and has been highly suspected for superstitions.


Some of the most noted statues on this bridge include that of Saint John of Nepomuk and of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock

Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The historic centre of this city lies in its Old Town or Stare Mesto, where the Old Town Square steals all the pulsing charm of this city. You must take half a day to enjoy strolling in this square, sit by cafes for coffee, see the old churches like Tyn Church and Clementinum, visit the Jewish Quarter and stop by the legendary Astronomical Clock built on the face of the Old Town Hall. The Clock is as old as the 15th Century and has built-in dials for Roman time, German time, old Roman dials, the 12 apostles and other figurines that go parading on the mechanism at the stroke of each hour.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The St. Vitus Cathedral is really a part of the Prague Castle, and is located within its tall walls. However, this Roman Catholic Church holds its own when it comes to tourism. Being the biggest and most significant church in the country, St. Vitus is also the seat of Archbishop of Prague, and holds within its dungeons the crypts and tombs of kings and saints. More than a thousand years old, the cathedral is a mix of Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles of architecture, with Renaissance and Baroque touches. Keep an eye out for features like the stunning gargoyle sculptures, the Holy Trinity painted mosaic on stained glass windows and the Last Judgement art too.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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If you have had enough of history and architecture then head over to Petrin Hill, a looming highland over the city that is as pretty as the old days. Located across the river, here you will find a very rural, quaint vibe with narrow meandering walkways and sweeping slopes of greens. There is an observatory, a mini Eiffel Tower, an ancient brewery and a monastery up here to explore if you so wish. Or just pack up a picnic and hike your way up to relax.

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The Prague Zoo ranks in the list of top zoological parks of the world. You can visit it in the Troja suburbs, where it stretches over 140 acres, and makes for a fun day out for kids. There are special petting zoos, play grounds, jim-jungles and even pony rides. Some of the most notable animals here include the Przewalski's horse, which is a native specie close to extinction, tall giraffes, salamanders in their natural habitat display, and more.

The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The Lennon Wall, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the Beatles star John Lennon, who was also a peace campaigner and an artist that created art for a cause. The wall has stood strong since the 80s and pays a tribute to this icon. It was after the murder of John Lennon in ’80 that fans and visitors started pouring to this unassuming wall near Charles Bridge to protest, demonstrate, show their love, paint lyrics, draw graffitis and write slogans and sayings by Lennon. The Communist regime of the then Czechoslovakia government tried with all might to clean up this wall but the slogans and lyrics and graffitis kept coming again and again.


And so this place became and remained a wall of art and peace, loved by locals as well as tourists, fans of Lennon as well as those who didn’t know him.

The National Museum

The National Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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Locally called the Národní Muzeum, this place is new and fresh from a renovation just a couple of years ago. You will find a vast array of collections and displays in this museum, from archaeology to anthropology, art to zoology and even music. There are around 5 million specimens or pieces on display here, one of the oldest museums in the country that stands tall since 1800s.

The National Theatre

The National Theatre:  Tourist Places To Visit In Prague
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The National Theatre of Prague is perched right by the bank of Vltava. It is a temple of arts and culture, something that this city prides in its repertoire. If you come to Prague, you cannot miss one of the shows here, be it a ballet or an opera, a drama or a musical. This 200 year old theatre deserves to be enjoyed in. If you are not a person that can be cooped in for a show for a long time then you can take one of the guided tours on offer, that show you around the beautiful theatre.

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