Panna National Park
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Things To Do In Panna National Park

Planning A Trip To Panna National Park? Here's our list of top things to do in Panna National Park

The Panna National Park is one of Madhya Pradesh's gems when it comes to tourism. Panna is liked by all classes of people and by both families and groups of friends. The biggest attraction in Panna is of course the Panna National Park and its animals and natural attractions. However, there is more that the visitor will find attractive. A list of things to do in and around Panna National Park has therefore been placed for the avid traveller here.

Tour the Ajaigarh Fort

Tour the Ajaigarh Fort:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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Ajaigarh Fort is very close to the perimeter of Khajuraho, famous for its display of the impressive architectural styles of the Chandela kings. This fortress was also constructed by these rulers probably when their power was in decline. At around 1,111 m height, the fort gives you an amazing view of the Ken River flowing by. There are several prominent attractions within the confines of this fort. Some of these include the sculptures of Ashta Shakti, the ruins of a temple built by the Jains and a well known lake Ajay Pal ka Talao.

Pay your respects at Neelkanth Temple

Pay your respects at Neelkanth Temple:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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Neelkanth Temple is the temple of Lord Shiva. It is located inside Kalinjar Fort. It is said that the Lord found solace here from the ill effects of the poison he had swallowed during the Samudra Manthan. The temple radiates peace and tranquillity and is surely worth a visit.

Kalinjar Fort

Kalinjar Fort:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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Kalinjar Fort is located on a rocky hill in the Vindhyas at 367 m. It was under the ruling dynasties of Bundelkhand and that includes the Chandela dynasty of Khajuraho fame during the 10th century. There are several temples in this fortress and some of these go back to the 3rd/5th centuries of the Gupta dynasty. One of these temples is the Neelkanth Temple of Lord Shiva. The surroundings of this fort are naturally peaceful and the valley around is densely forested. The history of this fort is one of several invasions and battles. It is said that the famous Sher Shah Suri died here in 1545. The fort was captured in 1569 by Akbar and from then on it remained under Mogul occupation till the British era. The fort is of great interest owing to the remains of several temples and the existence of caves, sculptures and inscriptions.

Beni Sagar Lake

Beni Sagar Lake:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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The Beni Sagar Lake as well as the Ranguan Lake and dam are the perfect settings for idle picnics, surrounded by mountains for both angling and boating too. It is very popular with the locals as a picnic spot too. Visit the lake and enjoy your picnic before you head for the next destination.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Ken Gharial Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is among some of the important sanctuaries that have been founded with the intention of conserving the Indian gharials that are on the endangered list. This sanctuary is at the confluence of Ken and Khuddar rivers in Panna, MP. The sanctuary spread over about 13.5 sq. km was established in 1985. Here you will get a chance to see the fish eating gharials that grow to around 6 m in length. The sanctuary also provides shelter to chinkara, wild boar, peacock, blue bull and chitals. You can visit the sanctuary at any time between sunrise and sunset.

Dundhwa Falls

Dundhwa Falls:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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Dundhwa Falls is one of the popular tourist spots and is located within the confines of Panna National Park. The falls serve to relax visitors who are out to explore the forest during their jungle safaris. There are resorts and lodges in the area where you can enjoy an elephant ride or a jeep safari both of which will help you in reaching the beautiful falls.  

Pandava Falls and Caves

Pandava Falls and Caves:  Things To Do In Panna National Park
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It is said that the Pandavas spent some time in the five caves during their exile. Without questioning the veracity of this there is enough for the visitor to admire and enjoy in this area. Firstly, the falls at 30 m height is a beautiful sight to behold. Secondly, the water from the falls as well as from underground streams collects in pools teeming with fish. Then there are stalactites and stalagmites from prehistoric times that you can admire. As far as history goes, Chandrashekhar Azad held a meeting of his fellow revolutionaries here on 4 Sep 1929. This fact is adequate to make your trip memorable.

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