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Things To Do In Masinagudi

Planning A Trip To Masinagudi? Here's our list of top things to do in Masinagudi

There are a number of activities that you might find interesting in Masinagudi. Apart from being a romantic weekend getaway during the monsoon, it’s an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the natural world at its best. With a camera and binoculars, you can explore the wild countryside, trek up the hills or visit the tribal hamlets. Or just take a long drive through to the nearest hill stations and cool luxuriant valleys. 


There are quite a few keepsakes you can buy, probably not in Masinagudi but in the towns closer by. We will tell you about things to shop for and the best cuisine that you could remember from your holiday to Masinagudi.

Tour the little Hamlets

Tour the little Hamlets:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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There are a number of tiny hamlets scattered about Masinagudi like Bokkapuram, Anaikatty or Moyar; picturesque villages bounded by the forests, where small groups of tribals like the Badagas and Irulas live. The villages have small temples for their local deity and streams meandering along. It feels lovely to trek to visit the village temples that usually sit on a forest clearing, and are so undisturbed and calm. You could call on the Masani Amman temple at Masinagudi, Bhavani Amman temple at Thepakkadu or the Aanaikaal Amman Temple.


Safaris:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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Discover the wilderness of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Bandipur National Park, through the safaris. There are government organized van and jeep safaris that will take you deep into the jungles. Tickets for the safaris will be sold at first come first served basis at the forest department office. You could also sway down the jungle paths on an elephant’s back on the popular elephant ride, though elephant rides do not go deep into the forest.

Moyar River

Moyar River:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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The Moyar River, that’s an offshoot of the Bhavani River originates near the village of Moyar near Masinagudi and flows through the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Bandipur National Park separating the two, before cascading down the Moyar River Gorge below Thepakkadu as the Moyar Falls. Check out the Moyar River and the Falls for a cool photo shoot. You might require permission from the forest department for a trek to Moyar Falls.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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One of the best things that could ever keep you occupied and on your toes in Masinagudi is watching the birds. There are several species of vibrantly colored birds in Masinagudi and you will have a great time photo shooting the avians. Birding treks are a passionate trend for tourists who visit Masinagudi.

Maravakandy Dam

Maravakandy Dam:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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This is yet another beautiful place to watch for more birds and animals. The Marvakandy Dam is the primary source of water for Moyar’s hydro electricity and a stroll through the backwaters is cool for spotting wildlife. Located just a little away from the Moyar Road, the Dam is a quiet place surrounded by the lush forested regions and is lovely for a few hours’ break.

Water Falls

Water Falls:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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One of the most spectacular waterfalls near Masinagudi is the Kalhatti Falls near Ooty. At an altitude of 2,000 m above msl, the waterfall cascades down from a height of 40 m, from the slopes of the Kalhatti range of hills. You might spot the water falls as you drive through the 36 dangerously steep curved slopes of the Ooty-to-Kalhatti road.

Go for a Drive or a Walk

Go for a Drive or a Walk:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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If you are in the mood for a long drive into misty greenery and more fauna to spot, take a trip to Gudalur. Located on the MysoreOoty road, Gudalur is the intersection between Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Gudalur is a pristinely beautiful place that offers great opportunities for sightseeing and trekking.


Gudalur is about 25 km from Masinagudi.

Adventures at Thengumarahada

Adventures at Thengumarahada:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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Thengumarahada is a sleepy little village in Kotagiri at the foothills of the Nilgiris. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and the Moyar River on the fourth, Thengumarahada offers great opportunities for bird watching and trekking. You might need the permission of the forest department to enter the village, but driving up the roughhewn roads, with ample chances to come upon herds of deer, elephants and bison is exciting. Vehicles will have to be driven across streams, to get to the village and all terrain vehicles are the best for this adventure. Or there are coracles to get you across.


Thengumarahada is about 27 km from Ooty and about 19 km from Coonoor.


Shopping:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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The shopping scenario in Masinagudi that is entirely wild and natural, is quite bleak. But if you are travelling via Ooty or Coonoor you could shop for Ooty’s special Varkey, spices, homemade chocolates, medicated oils, winter wear, dry fruits and tea. At Bandipur, since you are bound to visit the Bandipur Wildlife Park, you could check out the furniture made of lantana and bamboo wood, wild honey, T-Shirts, calendars and mugs emblazoned with animal prints.


Cuisine:  Things To Do In Masinagudi
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Check out the local cuisine of Ooty that is as good as it comes. Try the steaming cups of plantation tea of course, along with the Chicken Chettinad and Kozhi Varutharachu spicy, lip smacking non veggie courses just right for monsoon days, and avial, a veggie stew, as well as salads, pastries and fresh bread. Equally inviting are the chocolates in a myriad of flavours, pink coconut burfis and strawberries, peaches and pears that you could even pack for back home.

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