Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)

Planning A Trip To Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)? Here's our list of top things to do in Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)

Trichy is a region that is popular as a pilgrim’s tourist centre. It’s an interesting place for history buffs, with the number of forts, monuments and temples that are dotted round the place. For adventure amidst nature, you can go trekking on the mountains, visit the waterfalls and scenic spots round Trichy including the peacock and deer parks. While at Trichy you can shop for the best souvenirs in town, relish the traditional fare of the region and participate in some of the most colourful and spiritual festivals that are celebrated since ages ago.


Here is a list of things you can do, while you are in Trichy.


Trekking:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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There are some amazing beautiful places near Trichy that are ideal for trekking. A portion of the Eastern Ghats, Pachaimalai or ‘Green Mountains’ at about 80 km from Trichy is a great range to go on a trek or guided tour. There are tribal hamlets on the mountain ranges where you could buy the tribals’ native produce like honey and fruits. Puliancholai, about 72 km from Trichy is yet another wild trekking spot, where you can go on a cave exploration tour, as well.

Summer Beach

Summer Beach:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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The sparkling Cauvery river is the waterfront for the people of Trichy. Laze out a summer evening at the Summer Beach on the banks of the Cauvery at Ammamandapam at Srirangam. There are cultural programmes on Government holidays and weekends to keep the tourists entertained. The cool breeze wafting from the riverside and the lights that come up after sun down makes the place look so peaceful. You can visit the Summer Beach from 6.00pm-10.00pm.


Birdwatching:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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If you are avid bird watcher, there are some great places near Trichy you must visit. Near the Viralimalai Murugan Temple is a sanctuary for peacocks. There are about six species of peacocks, like the Malayan peacock pheasant, Green Peafowl and the White Peacocks and you find peacocks everywhere, as common as crows. The best time to watch the birds at their best is from October to April. Visit the hilltop Viralimalai Murugan temple. Viralimalai is about 30 km from Trichy.


Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Nothing comes close to watching a gushing cascade of water from close up or soaking up in a pool at the foot of a falls. The Puliancholai Waterfalls, at the foothills of the Kolli Hills, is a must visit. There is a shallow pool you can bathe in, and food stalls nearby selling hot, spicy freshly caught fish. Puliancholai Falls are about 76 km from Trichy. Or visit the Agaya Gangai Waterfalls at Kolli Hills that cascade down from Panchanadhi, a wild forest stream.


Mukkombu:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Visit Mukkombu or Upper Anaicut, a dam built on the Kollidam (Cameroon) River, just where the Kollidam branches out from the main Cauvery river. The barrage was built by Sir Arthur Cotton, a British irrigation engineer in 1838. The region round the dam is a lush green landscape which has a garden and a park, where you can spend a monsoon or winter day, when the river is full. Mukkombu is about 27 km from Trichy.


Shopping:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Some of Trichy’s best shopping deals are silk saris of the south, artificial diamonds, Thanjavur Art Plates and paintings, bronze idols and brass lamps, cigars and sandalwood carvings. You can also buy wooden toys, pottery, stone work and iron cast utensils. If you travel towards Karaikudi (94 km) in Chettinad, enroute Trichy to Madurai, you can shop for exquisite Chettinad cotton saris, brass and copper cookware and furniture.


Festivals:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Being a temple city and all that, Trichy never runs short of festivals. One of the most unique festivals of Trichy is the Kona Vaiyali on the eighth day of Vaikunta Ekadasi, when the idol of Ranghanatha, seated atop a golden horse is taken on a speedy procession along the streets. Other festivals include the Float Festival in winter, Rock Fort Car Festival (April-May) Jallikattu or bull taming festival in January, Samayapuram Mariamman Poochoriyal (Flower Festival) and various other celebrations associated with the numerous temples around the town.


Eat!:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Take a bite out of the spicy, crunchy murukkus of Manapparai and the Nei Mittai (Sugary ladoos). Trichy follows the traditional Tamil food with rice, sambar, lentil soup (rasam), gravy, curries and curd served on a banana leaf. But you find plenty of restaurants that serve North Indian Thali meals including Rajasthani food, Gujarathi sweets and multi cuisine Thai, Italian and Continental dishes. Some of the signature non-veg dishes of Trichy are Aiyre Meen Kozhambu, Kola Urundai and Mutton Biryani.

Stay In

Stay In:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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Trichy has budget accommodations, three star hotels with swimming pools, OYO Rooms, Guest Houses and five star hotels as well as luxurious spa resorts. Many of the hotels are comfortably placed near the Central and Chatram Bus Stands and near Trichy and Srirangam Railway Stations that suit all budgets, so it’s always easier for you to reach your accommodation closer if you’re travelling by bus or train.

Night Life

Night Life:  Things To Do In Trichy (Tiruchirappalli)
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The predominantly 'temple town' has a few limited choices for a nightlife. There are pubs where you can gang up with friends or party till late in the night. Or go for a walk along the Chatram Bus Stand that is so bright with activity and busy till late at night, with vendors selling street snacks and peanuts on pushcarts. If you are an indoor game aficionado, visit places like TipNTop Snooker Pool Billiards for a bout of late night games.

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