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Things To Do In Mandarmoni

Planning A Trip To Mandarmoni? Here's our list of top things to do in Mandarmoni

Mandarmani is the perfect destination for those in search of peace, relaxation and some fun activities. It has little something for all types of tourists who have made Mandarmani their ideal long weekend getaway and a destination for long drives. Let us take a look at the list of things people can indulge in during their short stay here.

Go on a Drive on the Beach

Go on a Drive on the Beach:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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Mandarmani boasts of the largest motorable beach in the country. Stretching for 13 km it is perfect for going on a pleasure ride on the beach. With the sea as company it is a wonderful experience and as you breeze through the beach. Some amount of caution has to be practiced however as it is no longer as empty as it used to be and could cause mishaps. 

Go for a Stroll on the Beach

Go for a Stroll on the Beach:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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The biggest attraction for tourists in Mandarmani is undoubtedly the beach. It is what the people come to see. Early morning stroll along the beach, watching the sunrise and boats sailing into the horizon are extremely rejuvenating. The lovely sea breeze is refreshing and helps to sooth frayed nerves.

Go Beach Hopping

Go Beach Hopping:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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Mandarmani is blessed with a number of stunning beaches located in close proximity. A half an hour to an hour’s drive will take tourists to some hidden gems that must be explored. Tajpur and Udaipur beaches are pristine and unadulterated with dense forests of tamarisk, causaurina trees defining the beaches. The solitude, the beauty and the peace that reigns here is intoxicating. There is Shankarpur beach which though popular is not as crowded is makes for a great romantic getaway. And then there is Digha - the ever popular tourist destination of Bengalis.

Indulge in Beach Activities

Indulge in Beach Activities:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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Mandarmani beach now has a number of fun activities lined up for enthusiastic tourists. There are ATV bike rides on the sea beach that are amazing. For bike lovers it is the a great sport to indulge in and for the novice this could be an experience. With Jet Ski and banana boat rides, enjoy the thrill and the fun of being out in the wide expanse of blue waters. Banana boat rides are great to indulge in with family. They are enjoyable rides indeed.

Eating in Mandarmani

Eating in Mandarmani:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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Don’t miss the absolutely delicious food you get treated to when in Mandarmani. From homely dishes to spicy ones, you can get what you prefer. Being close to the sea means that you can indulge in the mouth-watering seafood like crabs, prawn and lobsters. They are freshly brought from the sea and cooked with much care and under hygienic conditions. Being in Bengal means that no one prepares fish items better, and if you are a fish lover this is the place to be. There are standalone restaurants and the ones in your resorts; and all serve delectable food.

Shopping in Mandarmani

Shopping in Mandarmani:  Things To Do In Mandarmoni
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Mandarmani doesn’t have big shops or malls as it is a small sea resort village. Nevertheless you will find shops from where you can pick up warm freshly roasted cashew nuts. They sell good quality cashews and they are delicious. There are cashew plantations in the vicinity that explains the wide variety that is available here. Pick up packets for yourself and gifting purpose. Seashell decorative items and jewellery is also very popular. They are beautiful and cheap and make great for gifting and to keep as souvenirs of the trip. Jute products are also popular in this part of the state and you can pick up those beautiful jute bags or doormats for home.

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