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Things To Do In Krabi

Planning A Trip To Krabi? Here's our list of top things to do in Krabi

Thailand is a country of some of the world’s most exotic tropical beaches. And it boasts of just as exotic sets of markets, temples, caves and towns. While there are some sure shot tourist hits in this country like Phuket, Pattaya, Phi Phi for beach babies, one name rarely crops up - Krabi. 


The province of Krabi is a collection of 130 islands in the south of Thailand, clustered around the mouth of a river by the same name. The islands are calmer, more peaceful and quaint, with their own brand of clear beaches of white sands and turquoise waters. Krabi boasts of a hoard of things to do, starting from boating and kayaking to rock climbing and  partying. Here’s our list of top picks.

Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping:  Things To Do In Krabi
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With a collection of islands to its credit, Krabi Town can’t be your only destination when planning a holiday. The coastline of this province has many kinds of beaches, some that have cliffs, others that have limestone caves, some with white sands and others that have mangroves. You can take a boat taxi or hire a kayak to go island hopping. Islands like Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Poda, Koh Lanta and Koh Hong are pretty famous. Each has its unique set of beaches or adventure activities to serve you and make for a great tour.

Enjoy the Beaches

Enjoy the Beaches:  Things To Do In Krabi
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What is the use of going all the way to Krabi and not touching its gorgeous beaches? It is renowned for these pieces of paradise and you must visit some of the best ones, from the white sandy Railay Beach to limestone-topped Tonsai Beach, Phra Nang Beach to Ao Nang Beach. Tub Kaek Beach is unique as it is a pretty place with tall trees and hammocks, while Phra Nang Beach shows you some of the most beautiful caves and sunsets.

Party At Ao Nang Beach

Party At Ao Nang Beach:  Things To Do In Krabi
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While Thailand’s beach party capital is Phuket for all intents and purposes, Krabi also doesn’t disappoint. The Ao Nang Beach may not be the most beautiful or the most unique but is sure a major haunt for its exotic hip night-time parties. The nightlife here throbs with an electric pulse and there are many bars, music cafes, lounges and dance clubs to show you a good time. Cocktails flow like water and happy hours sometimes extend all night, the food is great and music better. So if you are looking for some cool time out, visit Ao Nang.

Try Rock Climbing

Try Rock Climbing:  Things To Do In Krabi
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Always wanted to learn something daring but felt like a chicken all your life? Well, in Krabi you can put those fears to rest for a while and try your hand at rock-climbing. The sheer adventure of this activity here is complimented by the soft beauty of the mountains and the sea, the sand and the trees around. Railay beach or Ton Say Bay offer expeditions for beginners, while also having climbing trails for experts. The climbing gear is available on rent and you just need to gather your courage and sign up!

Visit a Glowing Lagoon

Visit a Glowing Lagoon:  Things To Do In Krabi
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Sra Nam Pud in Krabi boasts of a glowing blue lagoon that looks right out of those tales of water nymphs. It is located in the heart of dark forest foliage, in Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary, and requires you to expend some effort to reach. Trekking through the park, you will reach this pool cut out with crystal water and when the sun glints off its surface you experience heaven in but one moment. Sadly, you cannot swim in this pool, but the nearby Emerald Pool is ready to welcome you with open arms to soak in and swim and just float over its crystal green waters. This one can be used for some great Insta-worthy photos!

Shop through the Night Market

Shop through the Night Market:  Things To Do In Krabi
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Oh yes, Thailand is famous for those. And Krabi just follows the tradition. The Night Market of Krabi is open on all weekend nights, from Friday to Sunday, and is a mix of great bargains, good food, desserts, as well as some local groups dancing or playing a musical instrument. You can shop for everything here, from clothes to first copies of handbags, vintage items to souvenirs. The coconut ice-cream sold at most dessert stalls around here is the most famous, and a treat you must have at least once, or maybe twice. Actually, make it thrice.

Gobble Smoothies and Pancakes

Gobble Smoothies and Pancakes:  Things To Do In Krabi
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While Thai street food and desserts usually include delicacies like waffles and ice cream rolls in most cities, Krabi is a different host. Here, one of the most famous combos to eat is the pancake and smoothie mix at the stalls. Fresh fruit smoothies made out of bananas or apples or coconuts along with a crepe or pancake with chocolate drizzled all over it makes for a pretty yummy snack. And cheap too, starting at 30 Baht. The best thing is, you can buy your food and eat it on the beach!

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