Ko Pha-Ngan
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Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan

Planning A Trip To Ko Pha-Ngan? Here's our list of top things to do in Ko Pha-Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is Thailand’s party centre, especially for the monthly Full Moon parties that are all the rage for nightlife enthusiasts. People come here from far and wide to experience the UV body paints and buckets full of alcohol, the party that throbs all night long by the sea and all the madness that accompanies. Aside from this, there are also a few PADI open diving centres for water sports, night markets and beaches to entertain. If you are looking for what to do in Ko Pha Ngan, you have hit up the right webpage!

Pump up at the Full Moon Party

Pump up at the Full Moon Party:  Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan
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This is the most famous thing to do here in Ko Pha Ngan! Every month on the night of the full moon, Haad Rin Beach comes alive with the ‘Full Moon Party,’ one that is rich with dancing, partying, boozing and madness all night long. Neon and shiny UV paints are bought to spray all over bodies, alcohol flows like water, and party animals come out to hoot until the sun comes up. 


You must visit the island during such a time, but also make safety arrangements, ensuring you don’t carry drugs or buy them from anybody, don’t accept drinks from strangers, try and be only with your group etc. The entry fee for the party is a 100 Baht and then you will have to buy your own drinks and body paints.

Visit Beaches and Waterfalls

Visit Beaches and Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan
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Ko Pha Ngan has beaches and waterfalls to beautify its islands. From the famous Haad Rin Beach to Ban Tai Beach, your suntanning is sorted in this town. Also do visit nearby waterfalls like Than Prawet and Wang Sai. But be prepared, they will need some hiking on your part to reach the actual spot. If you are also excited for sports and adventure, especially water adventure then head to the Challenge Phangan Waterpark for kite-surfing, paddle boarding and other rides.

Take Diving Lessons

Take Diving Lessons:  Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan
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Yes, well, Ko Tao is not the only one around here handing out PADI open diving certificates. Ko Pha Ngan may not have the most number of diving schools but it does show you a good time. Some schools offer these PADI courses on 3 and 4-day rounds so you can try and learn diving in a short span. And most diving sites that you can reach from Ko Tao are also easily accessible from here, like Sail Rock and the Southwest Pinnacle.

Hog at the Night Market

Hog at the Night Market:  Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan
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Ko Pha Ngan’s famous Thong Sala Night Market is thronged by locals and tourists alike, more than shopping, for eating. Here you will find every kind of Thai and South East Asian delicacy, spread on stalls and carts and small shacks - from pad thai noodles to mango sticky rice puddings, curries and gravies to seafood. Many places also serve freshly baked pizza by the pie and slices, pasta, fries, sushi, and more. For desert, don’t miss the Thai ice cream rolls.

Take a Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class:  Things To Do In Ko Pha-Ngan
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If you are a lover of Thai Cuisine and enjoy it in its most rustic traditional form, make note, you won't find it back in your home town. Unless, you learn the nitty-gritties of Thai cooking for yourself. So that is why most tourist islands and towns in Thailand offer cooking classes and short term workshops and courses to acquaint you with their traditional food, cooking methods and famous dishes. In Ko Pha Ngan, you can take one of these classes - C&M Study Center, Jang’s Thai cooking school and Same Same on Haad Rin.

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