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Things To Do In Interlaken

Planning A Trip To Interlaken? Here's our list of top things to do in Interlaken

There is something for everybody at Interlaken, Switzerland. It is one of the most favourite spots for tourists, throughout the year. During winter, Interlaken is a good base if you are keen on some winter sports as many ski resorts and slopes are nearby. Rest of the year, the areas surrounding Interlaken mesmerizes you with jaw-dropping landscapes of turquoise lakes, green valleys and snow-clad mountains. There are many things to do in Interlaken, including adventure activities like paragliding, flying fox, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking etc. If adventure is not your flavour, you can go for unlimited walks, boating on the lake, visit the many picturesque villages, medieval town centres & castles and lush waterfalls.

Ride Up To Schynige Platte

Ride Up To Schynige Platte:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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One of the best things you can do in Interlaken is to take in its breathtaking sights, like this one! From Wilderswil, you can take a rack railway that goes deep into the Bernese Alps, offering you some stunning sights of the mountain region, all the way up to Schynige Platte which stands at a height of 2000 meters. The rail route is an hour long and there is a restaurant waiting for you on top.

You can also wander off into the many trails that to lead to the nearby mountains, from easy 45-minute ones to longer and more strenuous ones. Take your pick!

Get Adventurous At Niederhorn

Get Adventurous At Niederhorn:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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Not too far from Interlaken is another viewpoint that is absolutely a must-visit. The viewpoint here lets you see the beautiful Lake Thun with the backdrop of the white-topped Alps. If you are ready for adventure then you may want to try hang-gliding as it is a popular spot for this activity. Else, you can just bask in the glorious views. To reach Niederhorn, you can take the cable car up halfway and then change to a funicular that will take you all the way. There is a restaurant on top so you can relax here for a bit. You can also explore the nearby area which is popular for its wildlife and you may spot some eagles, deers, marmots and ibexes. On your way down, you can hire a standup-bike and glee your way down the mountain.

Visit Giessbach Falls

Visit Giessbach Falls:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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Add another spectacular site to your list and visit the Giessback Waterfalls, drops from a height of 500 meters with a cascading effect. You can get one of the best views of the falls from the Grand Hotel Giessback. To reach the falls you can take a boat on Lake Brienz up to Giessback and then either walk up or take the funicular rail to the hotel. You can further hike towards the falls on foot and explore the surrounding wilderness.

Explore Lake Brienz

Explore Lake Brienz:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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While Lake Thun resides on the west side of Interlaken, Lake Brienz borders its east. Its turquoise waters and beautiful mountain backdrop will leave you wanting for more. Activities that you can do here are paddle-boarding, swimming, boating and kayaking. There are also many cruises that offer packages starting from few minutes to few hours, including meals and nearby towns. Off the lake is the beautiful Giessbach Falls mentioned above.

Go On The DDLJ Tour

Go On The DDLJ Tour:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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The iconic Bollywood movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was shot in Switzerland, back in the 1990s. Till date, it's one of the most popular movies and one of the reasons that Indians love flocking to the Swiss countryside. There are many conducted tours that take you around to many of the spots where the shooting took place including the Station where SRK and Kajol miss their train, The church, The bridge and more! You can also opt to stay at The Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel in a suite named after the legendary director Yash Chopra.

Experience The Magic Of Ice

Experience The Magic Of Ice:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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Across Switzerland, many open spaces become public ice rinks during winter. But in Interlaken, things are done with a bit more pizazz! Ice Magic consists of 5 ice rinks of different sizes and is interconnected with each via ice ramps. There is also an Ice Restaurant where you can indulge in some hot chocolate or cheese fondue. This activity is open from mid-December to the end of February but may spill over. Do check online before planning for it.

Stop By The Museum of Tourism

Stop By The Museum of Tourism:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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Interlaken is filled with so much beauty that you just can’t get enough of it! To learn more about the terrain, you will need to visit this museum and its 3 floors, filled with exhibits catering to the history of the Jungfrau region, including early photographs and artworks. There are also some beautiful models of the rack railway, steamers, coaches and other transport from the early days. The building itself is a 17th century restored wooden house and is definitely worth the visit.

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate Tasting:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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If you are a chocoholic, you should definitely visit this little piece of heaven. The funky chocolate club is full of delicious treats and as a special treat to you, you can also create and decorate your own chocolates! Impress your loved ones back home by learning more about the chocolate-making process and get samples of the world-famous traditional Swiss chocolates.

Try Flying Fox At Grindelwald

Try Flying Fox At Grindelwald:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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One of the most sought after destinations for its adventure activities is Grindelwald. People arrive by the dozen to enjoy popular winter sports activities during the winter and early spring months. But apart from that, it is also a very scenic spot and can be enjoyed throughout the year. It is famous for the Flying Fox activity - which will definitely get your heart racing along with mountain car and scooter rides. You can also stop by Grindelwald village for a spot of shopping and to admire its beauty.

Experience The Brienz Rothorn Railway

Experience The Brienz Rothorn Railway:  Things To Do In Interlaken
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Another experience that is not to be missed is riding the steam train on Brienz Rothorn Railway. As it entwines itself around the Bernese Overland mountain region, it gives you some spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. The train will take you up to an altitude of 2350 meters in 60 minutes from Interlaken Ost station.  There are restaurants and also hotels if you want to stay overnight. The train route is open in the summers between June and October. If you visit during the winter, you can take the cable car all the way up to Rothorn, which is the summit.

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