Biel (Bienne)
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Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)

Planning A Trip To Biel (Bienne)? Here's our list of top things to do in Biel (Bienne)

Biel/Bienne is most famous as the watch-making capital in Switzerland. It holds on tight to its traditional and cultural values, offering some interesting activities for tourist who visit. It is also a modern city with a flourishing public transport system and lot of modern art and technology. Here are some of the most interesting things to do in Biel/Bienne, for when you do decide to visit this beautiful city.

Explore The Old Town

Explore The Old Town:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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The Old Town is the beating heart of Biel/Bienne. The town is very well preserved. From beautiful facades to and charming narrow streets. A variety of shops, cafes and restaurants adorn the roads, making this vehicle-free zone a delight to wander through. Stop by the weekly farmer markets that take place in Place du Bourg. And admire the medieval architecture through its squares and fountains. You can easily spend half a day or more here.

Go On A Lake Cruise

Go On A Lake Cruise:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Biel/Bienne is surrounded by a lot of water bodies and the region is also known as the 3 Lakes region. The 3 big lakes in the area are - Lakes Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel. The river Aare and the channels of Zihl and Broye provide for a unique water-way tour of the area.


In the 3 Lakes cruise, you can take quick excursions into the regions of Murten and Kerzers. In the Aare cruise from Biel to Solothurn, you will pass by a settlement of storks. The cruises mainly operate during tourist season, from April to October and can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

Taste The Local Wine

Taste The Local Wine:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Wine-making is a local activity across Switzerland. To experience the unique taste of the Seeland, you must visit Pfropfhüsli at Twann, which is just about 9km from Biel/Bienne's centre. This 100-year-old building has recently been restored and offers a tour of its facilities. It is open from 5 pm through the week and from 2 pm on weekends. It can be accessed by public transport.

Go On A Hike

Go On A Hike:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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There are many hiking trails in and around Biel/Bienne, including the lake areas. However, some interesting loops for those who love adventure, are the Enggloch Loop from Grenchen which takes three and a half hours and the Obergrenchenberg Loop from Fallernweg which also takes a similar amount of time. Both offer some spectacular panoramic views of the area.


For seasoned hikers, the Jura Crest Trail is a 15-day trek that goes all the way across the Swiss Plateau.

Go On Museum Tours

Go On Museum Tours:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Biel/Bienne is the watch-making capital of Switzerland - so a visit to its watch museum is a must! The Omega Museum and the Swatch Museum offer some great tours that can be done in 2-3 hours. Apart from these, you can also visit other museums like Centre Muller, Pasquart, Neues Museum and Schloss Museum Nidau.

Be One With Nature

Be One With Nature:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Go for long walks and photography sessions amidst nature and watch the sunset/sunrise at a new spot every day. Some scenic routes and locations are Alte Aare, Col de Pierre Pertuis, Suze, Strandboden. You will come across a lot of beautiful flora and fauna, panoramic landscapes and aerial views of the city.

Take A Trip to St. Peters Island

Take A Trip to St. Peters Island:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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You can take a quick trip to St. Peters Island for a relaxed day. The best way to reach the island is by ferry, however, it can also be accessed by foot or bicycle from Erlach. You can take a walk around the vicinity and visit the local vineyards. taste the local food and wine and also enjoy the small sandy beaches.

Watch An Event At The Tissot Arena

Watch An Event At The Tissot Arena:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Tissot is a huge multi-purpose arena that conducts many sporting, cultural and entertaining activities throughout the year. It has a football stadium, outdoor skating ink, a curling hall and an ice hockey rink. It has a capacity of 5000 to 10000 people, which makes any event quite thrilling! It also houses an indoor shopping centre, a cinema hall, and plenty of restaurants and cafes. 

Try Your Hand At Laser Tag

Try Your Hand At Laser Tag:  Things To Do In Biel (Bienne)
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Ready to have the time of your life? Check out the recently opened Laser City located within Biel/Bienne - which has a play area of 450 m2 on 2 levels. Laser Tag is a popular game played across the world and now you can enjoy it in this pretty Swiss city too. It's a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. A new game starts every 15 minutes and you can reserve in advance. Lasercity is accessible by public transport.

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