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Thimphu Weather And Best Time To Visit Thimphu

Planning A Trip To Thimphu? Here's a snapshot of Thimphu weather and the best time to visit Thimphu

The climate of Bhutan ranges from the semi-tropical to alpine, depending upon the altitude. The Northern side where the mountain peaks are located, is very cold; while the Southern side towards India is hot during summer. For every 1,000 m that we journey up in altitude, the temperature drops by 7°C. Thimphu valley in the central part of Bhutan, lies 7,218 feet above mean sea level. The weather in Thimphu is generally quite lovely, with the best time to visit being Autumn and Spring, when the weather is serene and the clear skies make travelling and sightseeing a pleasant experience.


Spring:  Thimphu Weather And Best Time To Visit Thimphu
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Spring, from March to May, heralds the arrival of gorgeous carpets of wild flowers and vegetation spread over the valleys and meadows. You will also find a variety of birds during this season. Spring may bring in a little rain and cloudy skies. Temperature varies from 4°C to 23°C.


Summer:  Thimphu Weather And Best Time To Visit Thimphu
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The Indian summer monsoon from June to August brings about high temperatures to this country along with rainfall, especially in the Southern regions of Bhutan. Temperature ranges from 15°C to 28°C in Thimphu. Summer rains make the mountainous roads muddy and travel becomes difficult. So this is not the season we recommend for first time tourists.


Autumn:  Thimphu Weather And Best Time To Visit Thimphu
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Autumn or Fall season from September to November is a very pleasant season in Thimphu, with the temperature ranging from 4°C to 20°C. There are mild refreshing rain showers and it’s wise to carry umbrellas and wind cheaters. The blue backdrop of skies provide a grand view of the tallest mountain peaks of the Himalayas and the landscape is just ethereal with fall leaves.


Winter:  Thimphu Weather And Best Time To Visit Thimphu
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Winter from December to February is icy with occasional snowfall that obstructs the passes from the western side to the central valleys. Days are sunny, though nights can be very cold. If you do choose to visit Thimphu in winter, there are not many tourists around during this time, so you can do more undisturbed exploring. Temperature ranges from -1°C to 15°C. Carry heavy woollen clothes, parka and boots.

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