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Bumthang Weather And Best Time To Visit Bumthang

Planning A Trip To Bumthang? Here's a snapshot of Bumthang weather and the best time to visit Bumthang

Bhutan’s weather is generally unpredictable. The southern portion has a sub tropical climate while the higher peaks have cold snowy winters. Bumthang’s landscape and weather will pamper you into making any season such a delightful one that seasons wouldn not really matter in the greater cheme of tourism things. But still, the ideal time of the year would always make travelling and adventure sports a pleasure to indulge in. Bumthang’s Spring, Autumn and Winter are the most ideal time for travel.


Spring:  Bumthang Weather And Best Time To Visit Bumthang
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March to May celebrate spring season in Bumthang.The days are very pleasant and a little balmy. Spring is trekking time in Bumthang, so you’ll get an inkling of how good the season’s going to be. Rhododendrons bloom high up on the valleys. It does rain sporadically in May, to portent the summer months ahead. You can expect a snow day in March. Temperature averages 16.2°C to 3.5°C.


Summer:  Bumthang Weather And Best Time To Visit Bumthang
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From June to August, the summer months are warm with a tendency towards humidity in July. The windiest month is June. The summer monsoon rains are though not so heavy in Bumthang, but are sure unpredictable. So carry your umbrellas or raincoat along while on the move. Temperature varies from 22°C to 13°C.


Autumn:  Bumthang Weather And Best Time To Visit Bumthang
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Now, the season of Autumn from September to November is another good season to visit Bumthang. Whilst trekking up the inclines, you’ll find white and plum coloured rhododendrons on the valley sides and a variety of Himalayan birds on the trees. The season is dry and warm, though the nights may get a tad colder, for the winter that is in store. Temperature ranges from 21°C to 2°C.


Winter:  Bumthang Weather And Best Time To Visit Bumthang
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Bumthang’s winter months from December to February are dry and a little windy. The days are partly cloudy, sometimes sunny, pleasant and warm taken as a whole. But the nights can get bitterly cold. Arm yourselves with mittens and heavy woollens. Temperatures range from a maximum of 10°C to a minimum of 0°C.

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