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Pamukkale Weather And Best Time To Visit Pamukkale

Planning A Trip To Pamukkale? Here's a snapshot of Pamukkale weather and the best time to visit Pamukkale

Pamukkale is best known for its picturesque white travertine terraces flowing with mineral-rich water. These natural thermal pools or hot springs pull people from all over the world and have been doing so for thousands of years. In fact, even when the Romans found it years ago, they could not help but build a small city atop the plateau of these thermal waters and made this into their little Spa Town. The ruins of this Roman city of Hierapolis can still be seen including its Baths, Temples & Theatre amongst other architectural monuments.


Pamukkale has pleasant weather almost all year round except that some days in summer can get quite intensive and dehydrating, whilst in the winters, mainly January, the temperature could drop below 0° C and you might experience snow. Spring or Autumn would be ideal for a visit to Pamukkale, for a dip in the clear turquoise pools.

Spring (February to April)

Spring (February to April):  Pamukkale Weather And Best Time To Visit Pamukkale
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The beginning of February would still be cold, but towards the second half, the average day temperature starts to rise and would vary between 13-20°C. With a slight chill in the air, it is a pleasant time to be out and about the entire day. The ideal month to visit would be April, where the day temperature would range between 18-25°C, and the nights would be 7-10°C. This makes for perfect weather as it would not be too hot during the day, nor too cold at night. Though, you need to be a little wary and ensure you carry some warm clothes, as temperatures might drop if it starts to rain.

Summer (May to Mid-August)

Summer (May to Mid-August):  Pamukkale Weather And Best Time To Visit Pamukkale
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The summer sun can get quite hot during the day with temperatures rising up to 35°C. For people not averse to the sun, it would be a great time to explore Pamukkale. However, this is high season for tourists - local & international alike, and can get very crowded. If you plan to holiday during these months, it is highly recommended that you book well in advance to get the best rates and options. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and lots of sunscreen, as they are the only saviour through the heat of the sun.


You can also experience some local festivals during this time. The Cherry festival, Seedless Grapes festival, Friendship festival, Pepper festival, Grape festival etc.

Autumn (Mid-August to October)

Autumn (Mid-August to October):  Pamukkale Weather And Best Time To Visit Pamukkale
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The weather in Autumn is pleasing and it is a relatively low season for tourists. The temperature starts to fall from mid-August onwards up to the cold winters. During these months, you can enjoy a warm climate ranging between 20-30°C. There are many lively festivals that are held during the end of August-September every year, which could be an add-on experience if you visit during this time. Festivals like the Apple festival, Watermelon festival, Music & Cultural festival etc.

Winter (November to January)

Winter (November to January):  Pamukkale Weather And Best Time To Visit Pamukkale
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You can avoid the crowds during winter as the town doesn’t have too much going on during this time. The wind will be chilly and the days will be shorter but it is still a great time to visit Pamukkale if you like the cold weather. It can also snow during this time as some days the temperature falls below 0°C.


Pamukkale has rainy conditions most of the year, from September to June and the showers can be unpredictable. While it can become an inconvenience, the thermal pools make for an even prettier sight as they get filled up to the brim with water. So while you may need to pack additional items to battle the rains, this is an especially beautiful time to see the travertine terraces in full action.

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