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Istanbul Weather And Best Time To Visit Istanbul

Planning A Trip To Istanbul? Here's a snapshot of Istanbul weather and the best time to visit Istanbul

A flourishing bouquet of rich history, contemporary culture and ancient traditions, Istanbul is one of the most metropolitan cities of Turkey that houses some of the most stunning pieces of architecture. Located in the Marmara region of western Turkey, Istanbul is kissed by the black sea as well as cleaved by the mighty Bosphorus river, giving it a unique climate. Weather in Istanbul is great through spring and autumn, a little too hot through the summer and freezing with rains and sleet at times in winter. Therefore the best time to visit Istanbul is through its spring, summer and autumn.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Istanbul Weather And Best Time To Visit Istanbul
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March is the transformation from Winter to Spring, but the real blossoming and sunshine come to Istanbul by mid-April. The temperature is pleasantly stalled between 18 and 27°C, with warm days and cool nights. This time of the year is especially famous for the Tulips blooming all around the city, the Tulip Festival and reopening of closed terraces. Rains have retreated with winters and a dryness prevails. Spring, a shoulder season makes for some great tourism here and is rather inexpensive.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Istanbul Weather And Best Time To Visit Istanbul
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The peak tourist season in almost all of Europe, the summer months from mid July to September in Istanbul make for a lot of touristy crowd and inflated rates. It is hot, it is humid, but it is beautiful. The water is at a good temperature and sea-sides become fun getaways. The food and its colours are all abound and it really is a happy time. The most famous and coveted thing to do in Istanbul in summer is the Bosphorus cruise. Carry along bottles of water and sunglasses to  beat the heat, and wear light cotton clothes with sneakers.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Istanbul Weather And Best Time To Visit Istanbul
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The temperatures start to drop by autumn and reach around 15°C at nights. The dryness in the air means falling leaves, dead barks and the smell of sap in the air. Days can be warm while nights become extremely chilly. Short but intense bursts of rain are expected now and crowds of tourists thin considerably. If you want to explore Istanbul in peace and enjoy great discounts, this is the season to choose.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Istanbul Weather And Best Time To Visit Istanbul
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Winters in Turkey are freezing cold, while winters in Istanbul are freezing wet. Rain pelts hard in winter, making the streets almost disappear behind a cold sleet on some days. The average temperature hovers between 8-12°C and everything slows down, like a mellow dream in the city. For tourists who are first timers, winter might not be the best time to visit Istanbul; however, if you are on a back-packing trip or budget expedition, this is the cheapest time to live in and explore the city. What’s more is, the year end brings some of the most beautiful decorations all over town, with Christmas and New Year (Mutlu Yillar) round the corner.

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