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Muzaffarpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Muzaffarpur

Planning A Trip To Muzaffarpur? Here's a snapshot of Muzaffarpur weather and the best time to visit Muzaffarpur

The history of Muzaffarpur goes back to the days of the Ramayana. Muzaffarpur was then in Videha, ruled by King Janaka, Sita’s father. Sitamarhi which is a town in this region was the place where Sita was born. Later, in 500 BC this region came under the Vrijji Republic which was made up of eight clans, one of these clans being the Licchavis. Later still Muzaffarpur came under the empire of Harsha Vardhana and finally it came under the Mughal Empire and later the East India Company following the Battle of Buxar. Today Muzaffarpur is in Bihar’s Tirhut Region. The weather in Muzaffarpur is typically humid subtropical. The best time to visit Muzaffarpur is during the winter season which is between December and February.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Muzaffarpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Muzaffarpur
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Muzaffarpur is hot from March till September. However, by August it becomes very humid, around 74.8%. There is a fair amount of variation in the average temperature in this city and its neighbouring regions. The least humidity is experienced in the month of April with a relative humidity of 35.5%. The months of May and June are very windy with wind speeds reaching more than 10 KPH. On the other hand, June is the hottest time of the year with temperatures rising to more than 38.7°C in the day time and around 27.1°C during the night time. It is best not to visit Muzaffarpur during the summer season. 

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Muzaffarpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Muzaffarpur
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Although rainfall in Muzaffarpur is generally less as compared to the other areas in Bihar, still a fair amount of rain falls in the months of June till September. Besides this, Muzaffarpur is fairly humid from April right till August when the relative humidity reaches 74.8%. The annual rainfall here is 1046 mm on an average. The roads get flooded at times and it is not advisable to visit the region during this season. However, the town and its surroundings become quite pleasant and turn green during the monsoon. 

Winter (October-February)

Winter (October-February):  Muzaffarpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Muzaffarpur
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Winter is the finest season in Muzaffarpur. It is nice and cool with a temperature range of 06°C at night and 20°C during the day time. This is the ideal season for tourists to visit the place and explore all that the city has to offer. Winter season is dry too and the absence of humidity adds to the feeling of comfort while one is walking around. It is advisable for visitors to carry woollens in order to cope with excessively chilly evenings and nights.

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