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Madurai Weather And Best Time To Visit Madurai

Planning A Trip To Madurai? Here's a snapshot of Madurai weather and the best time to visit Madurai

Madurai is one of the oldest culturally vibrant cities of India. Its historical places and temples have a steady flow of tourists from all around the world. The city and its architectural and divine wonders are to be explored in the perfect time, when nothing, not even a bout of bad weather in Madurai is going to interrupt your plans.

Madurai is in the central part of the country and receives comparatively less rainfall than the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu. The seasons are more or less hot or warm throughout the year. The months from December to February make the winter season and that is the right and most ideal time to visit Madurai. Read on to find out why.

Summer (March-July)

Summer (March-July):  Madurai Weather And Best Time To Visit Madurai
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Madurai gets scorching hot and dry during summer and you’d probably be spending more of the day time indoors. May gets hotter than the rest of the summer months. But it’s during summer that thousands of people throng to Madurai for the annual Chithirai festival oblivious to the heat. Summer is generally off season, but if you are travelling to the city, wear cool cottons and a cap and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and tender coconut water. There are a number of private and public swimming pools in the city where you can leisurely splash off the day’s heat. Temperature ranges from 26°C-41°C. It is time for Madurai’s special Jigardhandha, the summer drink said to be inspired by Mughal cuisine.

Monsoon (August-October)

Monsoon (August-October):  Madurai Weather And Best Time To Visit Madurai
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It turns windy by July and the southwest monsoon rains in the Western Ghats bring moist air to the city. Madurai is at an equal distance between the Western Ghats and the sea, so it gets moderate to heavy rainfall from both the southwest and northeast monsoons. Monsoon, though off season is a good time for nature enthusiasts who can visit places like the Kudlampatti and Kumbakkarai waterfalls. Temperature ranges from 23°C-35°C.

Winter (November-February)

Winter (November-February):  Madurai Weather And Best Time To Visit Madurai
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Winter months are dry and pleasant and relatively cooler than the rest of the year. The preceding monsoon showers and the pleasant winter bring in a relief from the summers’ heat. Winter is the ideal time to go sightseeing or exploring the city and the villages around. There are tourist towns and hill stations in Madurai and you can go on a tour in winter, hassle free. Winter’s not cold, so you can still wear cottons. Temperature ranges from 21°C-32°C.

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