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How To Reach Phuket

Planning A Trip To Phuket? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Phuket Town

Phuket, a Southeast Asian paradise for beach babies, is a tropical island in Thailand. It might be surrounded by sea and tropical groves, but that does not make it difficult to access. One of the best ways to reach Phuket Town is by air. The Phuket International Airport is the second largest airport. While you may pick rail or road to travel, flight is much simpler and faster. 


Air:  How To Reach Phuket
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The airport has two different Terminals for International and Domestic flights and has direct connectivity with India, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Australia. You can hop on any of these direct International flights or take one to Bangkok and then here. Jet Airways, Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines operate some of the most frequent routes connecting here.


Road:  How To Reach Phuket
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Buses operate from Bangkok, Phang Na and Krabi to BKS Terminal in Phuket Town. They are the cheapest and most reliable way to reach Phuket. The bus journey from Bangkok to Phuket takes 13 hours and is one of the most frequented routes. You will find AC as well as non AC buses. You can also hire a car. For internal transport, the majority of tourists prefer tuk tuks (rickshaws), hire scooters or bikes.


Rail:  How To Reach Phuket
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There is no direct rail connectivity to Phuket. However, you can take the train from Bangkok and Singapore and hop off at Phun Phun station. It will be another 5 hour journey to Phuket by road.

Getting by in the City

Getting by in the City:  How To Reach Phuket
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Tuks tuks are the best mode of transport, with their agility and cheap rates. You must only make sure that you bargain a good price before hopping on it as the drivers do not operate by the meter and try to rip off tourists. If you wish to hire a scooty or bike to get around, nothing better.


You can also go island hopping (from Phuket to other islands like Phi Phi, Krabi etc) by motorboats and ferries. They are regular, reasonable and so much fun.

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