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Hospet Weather And Best Time To Visit Hospet

Planning A Trip To Hospet? Here's a snapshot of Hospet weather and the best time to visit Hospet

Hospet in the east central parts of Karnataka has a lot of touristy places just waiting to be visited. It is a small quaint town with great archtieture. So if you would, do choose the right season for a vacation, so that you can do a lot of travelling, indulge in adventuresome activities and try to make it the best experience of your holiday without getting put down by poor weather. The best time to visit Hospet is from November to February, when it is the glorious mild winter season. 


Summer(March-May):  Hospet Weather And Best Time To Visit Hospet
Photograph by howyoudoin.wordpress.com

Summer could be very hot and torrid in Hospet, with the temperature going up from 21°C - 38°C. Summer is considered off season, because it’s too warm, with the days being dry and moderately windy. If you choose to travel to Hospet in summer, carry an umbrella, put on a wide brimmed hat, grab sunscreens and keep a good supply of water handy along with a lot of tender coconut water. There is also Karnataka's popular and refreshing summer drink called Ragi Ambali, made of buttermilk and millet powder.


Monsoon(June-September):  Hospet Weather And Best Time To Visit Hospet
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Monsoon is not very heavy, and there might be intermittent rains or thundershowers. You can visit Hospet during the monsoon, if the rains choose not to disrupt your plans, for it’s nice to tour the city on overcast, moody days, especially  taking a trip to the Tungabhadra Dam that gushes forth on its monsoon fed waters into the canals and reservoirs, making for a most beautiful sight. By October the scanty rain passes off into post-monsoon and then into winter. The temperature averages 21°C -33°C.


Winter(November-February):  Hospet Weather And Best Time To Visit Hospet
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Hospet’s winter temperature moves from a minimum of 18°C to a maximum of 32°C. The days are warm, but nights could be cold. Winter is the best season for you to visit Hospet and sightsee to your heart’s content. The season does not play a spoilsport and you can travel, take photographs as the skies are clear, and take long excursions to tourist spots in Hospet’s vicinity. Keep warm woollens ready for the nights.

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