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Badami Weather And Best Time To Visit Badami

Planning A Trip To Badami? Here's a snapshot of Badami weather and the best time to visit Badami

Badami is a quaint little town in Karnataka. Badami’s cliffside temples and rock cut caves, save the beautiful Agasthya Thirtha, are vast, open rocky landscapes with scrubby vegetation, where rainwater collects as puddles in the rocky crevices in the monsoon and the summer sun beats down on the rocks. Seasons do matter if you are planning a trip to Badami, as the weather is constantly changing. The best season to visit Badami is winter, from October to March, when the weather is really good for travel and exploring the ancient archaeological treasures.


Summer(April-July):  Badami Weather And Best Time To Visit Badami
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Summer’s quite hot in Badami, with the temperature rise averaging 25°C- 35°C. It’s off season in Badami, but summer has its own charms too, like the Sunflowers. The flower fields of  Badami are literally draped with the large yellow flowers! If you do choose to visit Badami in summer, explore the town early in the morning.


Monsoon(July-September):  Badami Weather And Best Time To Visit Badami
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In monsoon, the temperature moves from 21°C to 31°C. The landscape turns green and verdant during the rains and the farmers get busy in their fields sowing green gram, jowar and groundnuts. The showers do help in bringing down the temperature, but are not of much help if you are exploring the open spaces. Do some exploring when the sky's a little clear and sunny, for Badami during the monsoons is such a beautiful place otherwise.


Winter(October-March):  Badami Weather And Best Time To Visit Badami
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Winter is mild, pleasant and breezily perfect for a trip to Badami. The temperature ranges from 15°C-28°C. Most of Badami’s festivals are celebrated in winter, all the more practical why you should choose a nice cool winter to visit the heritage site. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Keep the sweaters and woolens handy and you'll have the best time out in Badami.  

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