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Dhauli Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhauli

Planning A Trip To Dhauli? Here's a snapshot of Dhauli weather and the best time to visit Dhauli

Dhauli is a town approximately 20 km away from Bhubaneswar – the capital city of the east Indian state Orissa. It is essentially a hill, also known as Dhauligiri (Giri means Hill), situated along the banks of the River Daya and is an important religious site for Buddhists. The rock edicts constructed by King Asoka in 3rd century BC are the main highlight of Dhauli and signify his reform towards leading a more peaceful life and preaching the teachings of Ahimsa (non-violence).


Most travellers choose to visit Dhauli as part of a day trip from cities like Puri and Bhubaneswar situated nearby, with the climate of the town mimicking primarily that of the aforementioned cities. Detailed below is an account of the best time to visit Dhauli and its weather patterns through different seasons.

Winter (October - March)

Winter (October - March):  Dhauli Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhauli
Photograph by https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Winters are the preferred season to visit Dhauli for the locals and tourists alike. The daytime temperature averages around an enjoyable 22⁰C, which is perfect for sightseeing in the region and making the most out of the local attractions in the city. Night temperatures can dip to a minimum of 4⁰C, so it is advised to carry appropriate woollen wear when travelling in winters.

Summer (April - September)

Summer (April - September):  Dhauli Weather And Best Time To Visit Dhauli
Photograph by https://dianasahu.wordpress.com/

The early months of summer experience sweltering heat with temperatures that can reach a maximum of 45⁰C. Venturing outdoors during the day in this intense weather is not a good idea, especially for tourists not accustomed to a tropical climate. As the monsoon rains arrive in July, the temperature lowers considerably and the city regains its vibrant atmosphere. However, the weather gets quite humid and might not be the best time to go exploring the city.

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