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Konark Weather And Best Time To Visit Konark

Planning A Trip To Konark? Here's a snapshot of Konark weather and the best time to visit Konark

The Puri district in the coastal state of Orissa houses a small town by the name of Konark; a religiously important city for all Hindu devotees that also happens to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the state. The famous Sun Temple features as the main attraction of Konark that drives majority of tourist footfall to the town.


Konark also boasts rich cultural celebrations that are rooted in its traditions and heritage. While travellers are welcome to visit during any time of the year and enjoy Konark’s weather, some months usually provide better opportunities than others. Here is a detailed account on the best time to visit Konark.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Konark Weather And Best Time To Visit Konark
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The whole of Orissa experiences summers that are extremely hot, with high levels of humidity. It is usually not an ideal time to visit Konark, where maximum temperatures are in the range of 40ᴼC-43ᴼC during the day time. The evenings are comparatively more pleasant and are the ideal time to go outdoors for those who take a trip to Konark during the summer season.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Konark Weather And Best Time To Visit Konark
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The monsoons bring a great amount of relief from the sweltering summer heat, and may be a good time to visit only for those who don’t mind the rainy season. The temperature falls down to an average of 25ᴼC-32ᴼC, with the highest amount of rainfall witnessed in the month of August and an average of 152 cm rain annually. Orissa is prone to cyclones as well during the monsoons, with some days that receive excessively heavy rainfall.  

Winter (October – February)

Winter (October – February):  Konark Weather And Best Time To Visit Konark
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The best time to visit Konark is during the winter season when the temperature falls down to a cool and pleasant average of 15ᴼC. Sightseeing is more enjoyable in this climate, which also remains predominantly dry with minimal precipitation. The famous Konark Dance Festival occurs during the month of December, marking this month to be one of the most highly visited times in the year. Other events like the Indian Surf Festival and the International Sand Art Festival also take place sometime around in winters.

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