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Sambalpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Sambalpur

Planning A Trip To Sambalpur? Here's a snapshot of Sambalpur weather and the best time to visit Sambalpur

Known to be one of the oldest cities in India, Sambalpur is situated close to the river Mahanadi in the western regions of Orissa. The name for the city has been derived from the goddess Samaleswari who is a widely worshipped deity in the region with the famous Samaleswari temple of Sambalpur dedicated to her as well. With abundant lush greenery and exquisite examples of historical monuments dotted all over the city and around it, Sambalpur offers some brilliant opportunities to explore the hidden treasures of the region. Moreover, like most of Orissa, the three main seasons of the year experience extreme climatic conditions and while travellers are free to visit Sambalpur at any time of the year, some months simply fare better than others.


Here is an account of the best time to visit Sambalpur and the weather patterns seen in this area of Orissa, so that you can pick the most perfect time for your trip here.

Winter (October – February)

Winter (October – February):  Sambalpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Sambalpur
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The winter season is by far the best time to visit Sambalpur. The climate is generally chilly throughout the season and night time becomes particularly cold, with temperatures that can dip to single digits. During the day time, the weather is pleasant and cool that allows optimum sightseeing opportunities.

Summer (March – June)

Summer (March – June):  Sambalpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Sambalpur
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While the initial summer months are considerably warm, the temperature starts to rise rapidly as the season progresses. The temperature can rise to as high as 45⁰C and the day time weather is too intense for much of any outdoor activities. So it is widely suggested that visitors avoid this time while planning a trip. Although, if you are in Sambalpur during the heatwave of summer, then wear light cottons, carry your water bottle and pick up coconut water shells wherever possible to keep your bodies hydrated.

Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon (July – September):  Sambalpur Weather And Best Time To Visit Sambalpur
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With the advent of the monsoon rains sometime in July, the climate tones down to a large extent and the surroundings appear fresh and vibrant with temperatures in the range of 20⁰C - 30⁰C. However, the rainfall received during these months is often quite heavy and floods are common on such days. Humidity levels are also relatively high and it is preferable to avoid this season for a trip to Sambalpur.

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