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Devprayag Weather And Best Time To Visit Devprayag

Planning A Trip To Devprayag? Here's a snapshot of Devprayag weather and the best time to visit Devprayag

Devprayag is a heavenly town situated nearly 850 meters above sea-level. This is the town which marks the point where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers meet to form the legendary Ganga River. This town is steeped in mysticism and natural beauty. It is frequented by pilgrims and adventurers alike. The town of Devprayag enjoys excellent weather throughout the year, but is naturally best visited in the summer season due to the clear skies and warm weather. The winter season here also has a unique charm of its own and is an ideal winter getaway. To learn more about the best time to visit Devprayag, here's a guide.

Summer (April – June)

Summer (April – June):  Devprayag Weather And Best Time To Visit Devprayag
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This is by far the best time to visit Devprayag. The clear skies, warm weather and mountainous terrain make for a stunning backdrop. All adventure sports and outdoor activities can be thoroughly enjoyed during this period.  The average temperature during this period ranges between 18°C - 31°C. This is perfect weather to explore the surrounding temples and natural wonders. Visitors are recommended to dress weather appropriate and to be aware that it can still get a bit chilly in the evenings due to the altitude of the location.

Winter (October – March)

Winter (October – March):  Devprayag Weather And Best Time To Visit Devprayag
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The winter season tends to set in by mid-October, ending directly in March. This season is characterized by chilly winds and low temperatures of 0°C - 18°C. However, this gives the place a unique charm, one that can be thoroughly enjoyed. The surrounding greenery becomes lush with vegetation and the cool climate is ideal for trekking, camping and a host of other adventure sports. Visitors are recommended to be well-clad throughout and venture outside to make the most of this season. Devprayag truly makes for an ideal winter getaway.

Monsoon (August – September)

Monsoon (August – September):  Devprayag Weather And Best Time To Visit Devprayag
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Devprayag can be enjoyed pretty much throughout the year, due to the pleasantly stable weather conditions. Unlike other parts of Uttarakhand, it receives moderate to light showers during the monsoon season. The cool rain showers automatically drop the temperature of the place and enhance the surrounding beauty. Devprayag is however susceptible to occasional flooding and landslides. Caution is advised for temple visits, trekking and long walks during this period.

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