Chhattisgarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chhattisgarh

Planning A Trip To Chhattisgarh? Here's a snapshot of Chhattisgarh weather and the best time to visit Chhattisgarh

Known for its cultural diversity and traditional history, the state of Chhattisgarh is a blend of art, religion, culture and a great instance of ancient India turning into an urbanized modern state and retaining its traditions at the same time. This is an off-beat tourist place to visit and one can learn a lot about the country by visiting. Weather in Chhattisgarh is moderate throughout the year and it has three seasons namely summer, monsoon and winter. Due to the proximity of the state to the tropic of cancer, it experiences very hot weather in summers along with humidity. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the best time is to go during the summers even though it can be quite hot. On the other hand winters are the best time to visit Chhattisgarh if you are interested in seeing the mountains and the colder regions of the state. Let’s have a look at some of the seasons in the state.

Summer (March-June)

Summer (March-June):  Chhattisgarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chhattisgarh
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Summers in Chhattisgarh are very hot and the level of humidity is also very high. Given its proximity to the tropic of cancer, summers are extremely hot with temperatures ranging from a whooping 45°C in the daytime to 35°C in the night. During peak summer months of April and May, the mercury rises to about 49°C which makes the region extremely hot. With the scorching sun in these months, not many people want to visit Chhattisgarh. Places like Raipur are far from the coast and tends to heat up very quickly. Although you may think that this is not the best season to venture into the cities of Chhattisgarh, this is the best time to see some wildlife activity. This is the time when animals in sanctuaries and national parks venture out to drink water near ponds and watering holes; this is a great time to sight certain creatures that you may not be able to see in other seasons.

Monsoon (July-October)

Monsoon (July-October):  Chhattisgarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chhattisgarh
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Giving relief to the scalding heat in the summer are the rains that occur in the monsoon season. The last week of June starts to see a change in the temperature as well as the climatic conditions; the heat seems to fade away bringing in cooler weather. Temperatures during monsoons in Chhattisgarh range from 32°C in the daytime to 28°C in the night, making the region so much cooler than the summers. Agriculture in the state is an important trade and for this reason, rain is quite important. Rainfall in Chhattisgarh is moderate and the peak months see heavy rainfall as well. The average rainfall seen every year is about 50 inches, which is great for this region. The rivers in the region may flood during some years and it is not very convenient to go sightseeing during this time. Make sure you check the weather before you plan your trip.

Winter (November-February)

Winter (November-February):  Chhattisgarh Weather And Best Time To Visit Chhattisgarh
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One of the best seasons to visit Chhattisgarh is during winter that starts in the last week of October and sets in completely in November, staying until February. Temperature during winter season ranges from 22°C in the daytime to 12°C in the night. Due to the cool temperature and clear climate, this is one of the best times to visit the state. Some winters are colder than others and temperatures may stoop down even lower during certain peak months. The state of Chhattisgarh has a huge diversity when it comes to the topography of the land and hence, the temperatures are a little different for various cities in the state. The temperatures also depend of wind patterns in the region as well as the altitude at which the city is established. Winters are by far the best season to enjoy the sport of trekking and indulging in adventure sports. Depending on the city you are planning stay in, you must check the weather forecast before planning the trip.

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