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My experiences during my tour to Mauritus
- Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
Trip To: Mauritius
Rated 4/5 on
my family and myself enjoyed the trip to mauritus,we had a good time.I would like to make a few suggestions regards the hotel.The wifi connectivity is very bad in the room.Secondly they have only four channels on the TV.I am rather disappointed withe the service rendered by the representative of seaside tours.Many a time i contacted him for assistance regards visiting and making arrangements for us to move around in mauritus ,but he never responded. Only on one ocassion he met us,that was for the trip to the island tour when he met us at some place to collect money for the activities on the island.There also he cheated me,bcoz i paid him 7000 mauritian rupees for a boat ride around the island but we were taken by boat only for the waterfalls.Infact there was no one on the island to guide us over there,my children had gone for the seawalk and my family was splitup.I had to wait for more than an agonising hour to be united with them.And we had to have a hurried lunch to be on time to return back to the mainland.Again i was not told what time and where v had to assemble.It was my good luck i met someone from the group who informed me.The whole trouble started bcoz our group was not sent in one boat.Well it was a good trip i enjoyed myself with the family,but some improvements in the hotel and thes ervices of the agencie seaside should be looked into for the convienience of tourists

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