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Wayanad Weather And Best Time To Visit Wayanad

Planning A Trip To Wayanad? Here's a snapshot of Wayanad weather and the best time to visit Wayanad

Wayanad is a lush green district nestled in the state of Kerala, marking the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau. With its green tree covers and waterfalls, Wildlife Sanctuary and old caves, Wayanad becomes one of the most coveted holiday destinations down south. The best time to visit Wayanad is between October and May, even though the weather in Wayanad is pleasant all year round. The temperatures are regulated due to the town's relative height. 

Summer (March-May)

Summer (March-May):  Wayanad Weather And Best Time To Visit Wayanad
Photograph by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/294634000594727676/

Imagine the doldrums of Indian summer, and then put it aside. Wayanad summers are nothing like that. No scorching heat, no sweating all day round, no toasting under the sun's angry glare. The temperature in Wayanad is anywhere between 20-30°C in summer, with cool breezes sweeping the district because of the evergreen forest cover. Like all Indian towns, Wayanad experiences summer in months from March to May. This time is good to visit, but is slightly warmer than the breezier winter months. Even so, it doesn't succeed in stealing much fun from your trip.

Monsoon (June-October)

Monsoon (June-October):  Wayanad Weather And Best Time To Visit Wayanad
Photograph by http://coffeetrailresort.com/blog/monsoon-in-wayanad/

Wayanad is not exceedingly wet, considering it receives around 300 mm rainfall annually with monsoon temperatures varying from 15-25°C. The landscape changes and becomes greener than you ever thought possible. A heavy mist hangs in the air, engulfing Wayanad in a mystical charm. 


However, monsoon may not be the best season to visit Wayanad as outdoor activities can be restricted, especially the Wildlife Sanctuary Safari tour, which is one of the top most attractions here.

Winter (October- February)

Winter (October- February):  Wayanad Weather And Best Time To Visit Wayanad
Photograph by http://vythiriholiday.com/activity.php

Winters make the peak of tourist season in Wayanad and the temperatures fall to anywhere between 10-25°C. It is not too cold, neither warm. The weather is chilly and pleasant, mainly due to the mountains and forests around Wayanad. Most touristy and adventure things to do are available through this season.


The town is thronged by tourists as October to February marks the most active period of the year in Wayanad. Winter, hence, is ideally the best time to visit Wayanad. 

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