Vienna Weather And Best Time To Visit Vienna

Planning A Trip To Vienna? Here's a snapshot of Vienna weather and the best time to visit Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital, sits at the foot of the Alps. Located in the northeastern part of Austria, Vienna sees a continental type of climate - which means, the weather is good through late spring, summer and most of autumn. The winters are cold, but lit up by the world’s best Christmas Night Markets, which redeem winter here. 


So the best time to visit Vienna will greatly depend on what you want to do here.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Vienna Weather And Best Time To Visit Vienna
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March is still a transitional month, with bouts of chill and warmth and winds and rainfall. But by April everything settles beautifully, ushering in the warmth of 8-16°C and brighter, longer days. May marks the warmest spring month, with the temperature now at a good peak of 21°C. The rainfall may increase but mildly. This is a good shoulder season to visit, if you want to encounter peace instead of crowd and some discounts.

Summer (June to September)

Summer (June to September):  Vienna Weather And Best Time To Visit Vienna
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Austrian summers are brilliant, and beautiful. Vienna is no different, as it comes to full bloom in the summer season with temperatures climbing to an average high of 30°C, long bright sunny days and mild rainfall to cool the warm weather. Rain is not at all disruptive and limited to only 7-8 days a month, falling in short bursts of showers. So you can enjoy all the outdoor activities without worrying. Most of the summer time is filled with festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Theatres produces shows, concerts, ballerina performances etc, while music and garden fests take the city by storm.

Autumn (October to November)

Autumn (October to November):  Vienna Weather And Best Time To Visit Vienna
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The months of October and November see a gradual drop in temperatures, with the rainfall also quietly receding. The temperature now drops to around 20°C, with nights as low as 9°C. Late November may bring some snow that is light and soft, and thaws just as soon as it falls. Autumn is a slightly better shoulder season than spring for a visit as it is drier.

Winter (December to February)

Winter (December to February):  Vienna Weather And Best Time To Visit Vienna
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Winters of Vienna are renowned for their night markets. By late November the Christmas preparations swing out and most areas start putting up decorations, lights, stalls and shops of food, gifts, toys and more. Since Vienna sits on the foothills of the Alps, it does freeze over under its downward blowing winds. There is high chance of snow in December and the temperature usually rivers between -1 to 6°C. January is the coldest month, while February is slightly on the warmer side, with ice turned to slush now.

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