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Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham

Planning A Trip To Nottingham? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Nottingham

The provincial town of Nottinghamshire, Nottingham is built on River Trent’s northern bank, set on a number of hills. Nottingham has a long-standing custom of being the trading hub and manufacturing epicenter, also renowned for lace making. Its recent popularity as a cultural spot, with a variety of places to see, is something to look forward to. In addition to its numerous tourist places to visit, Nottingham hosts some lovely events and festivals, as well as accounts for scenic gardens, parks and broad streets. Renowned for the legend of Robinhood, the city’s unique ambiance is reflected best in its Sherwood Forest, Embankment, Arboretum and Colwick Park. Here’s a glimpse of places you should visit when in Nottingham.

Old Market Square

Old Market Square:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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The old city center of Nottingham takes pride in its numerous tourist attractions, of which the Old Market Square is one. One of the largest public places in England and abode to the Nottingham Tourism Centre, the Old Market Square is the first stop before you head towards the city. With the Neoclassical Council House on its east side, topped by a daunting dome and the remarkable Guildhall in the near vicinity, don’t miss exploring the Nottingham Playhouse for the striking Sky Mirror, a 19ft wide Dish (made of stainless steel) pointing upwards, giving a unique view of the skyline. This lovely creation was designed by Anish Kapoor.

The Lace Market

The Lace Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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A few steps from the Old Market Square is the ancient Lace Market, which was the core of Britain’s Lace Industry originally. One of the city’s most significant heritage areas, the warehouses and display room here now house lace makers, shops and restaurants. The Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham’s former jailhouse and court is a popular attraction and has been in use since 1780, including glorious displays associated with crimes, punishment and Robin Hood. Some other noteworthy places include the National Ice Centre – the largest ice skating rink facility in the country and the Nottingham Contemporary – a contemporary art gallery.

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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With an excellent view of the town and remarkable bronze sculptures of Robin Hood and his tribe, created by James Woodford, the Nottingham Castle was damaged by the Parliamentary Forces in 1651 and replaced by an Italian styled citadel owned by the Newcastle Duke and is now home to two magnificent museums, namely the Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, renowned for 6th century brooches of Anglo Saxon origin, Alabaster carvings and old-fashioned ceramics, 17th & 18th century stoneware, Burmese Bronze sculpts, Indo-Persian Steelware and an Ethnographic Gallery. Then there’s the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Museum that’s popular for its marvelous collection of regimental uniforms and medals. Don’t miss out the Nottingham Life Museum at Brewhouse Yard with its collection of 17th-century cottage housing exhibits that represent the history of Nottingham through its people.

City of Caves

City of Caves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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There are a number of caves that exist underneath Nottingham in the sandstone, inclusive of a glorious 322ft Mortimor’s Hole, right below the castle, and is part of the tourist attraction, named after Roger Mortimer, Edward II’s wife, Queen Isabella’s lover. With over 450 caves beneath this town, the group has been used for decades for defense and storage purposes. You can explore some fascinating guided tours of these caves.

Highfields Park

Highfields Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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An impressive part of the University of Nottingham, spanning 52 acres of green space that includes exotic plants and trees galore, the Highfields Park has a variety of fun activities to engage in like, walking, lawn bowls, putting, croquet and boat ride with special events organized at the Lakeside Arts Centre. The arboretum is another beautiful park close to Highfields Park that’s worth a visit and hosts some of Nottingham’s most popular festivals. In close proximity is the St Mary’s (The Virgin) Church, one of the oldest structures renowned for its 19th-century glass work.

Green’s Mill & Science Centre

Green’s Mill & Science Centre:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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Home, once to George Green, a mathematical physicist, the lovely Green’s Mill was constructed in 1807, and rebuilt in the 1980s, showcasing the spectacular internal windmill works across the 4 levels, with each floor providing an insight into the process of flour making. The Science Centre here includes a discovery zone with a variety of fun and interactive exhibits and popular among the youngsters.

D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum

D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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Located in Nottingham’s Eastwood area, the D.H Lawrence Birthplace Museum includes three inimitable attractions that are made in honor of D.H. Lawrence, a celebrated English author. Home to some fascinating displays of Eastwood’s social past during the author’s lifetime, the Museum includes restored artifacts from a Victorian classroom, a mock-up of a mine the visitors can crawl through, and a grocery shop. In addition, there is a conference space, a bistro, and an art gallery as well, with exhibits about the mining community’s family life that influenced the early years of Lawrence’s life. You also get an opportunity to explore the rooms where the family resided with some of Lawrence’s original colors and personal items.

The Grand Central Railway

The Grand Central Railway:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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The Great Central Railway makes for an admirable excursion in Nottingham, along the 10 miles of rail tracks between Ruddington-East Leake & Loughborough. The ride along this heritage railway focuses on a number of fully restored diesel and steam train engines, rolling stock, vintage buses, fully-functional workshops, café and shops.

Robin Hood Way & Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood Way & Sherwood Forest:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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Spanning the Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, the 104 miles long Robin Hood Way includes many tourist attractions that celebrate the legendary resident of Nottingham, with trails going through the Clumber Park, past the Rufford Abbey, Thieves Wood, Robin Hood Hills and Fountain Dale. The most significant landmark associated with Robin Hood is the popular Sherwood Forest, which covers nearly 1000 acres neighboring the village of Edwinstowe, and the 450 acres of Sherwood Forest Park. Other places that you must visit include the 1000-year-old Major Oak, Thynghowe – an age-old meeting place for resolving disputes and the Sherwood Forest Arts & Craft Centre.

Papplewick Pumping Station

Papplewick Pumping Station:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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Considered one of the most wonderful examples of Victorian Industrial designs in the UK, the Papplewick Pumping Station is an excellent sample of 19th-century workmanship that boasts of a variety of qualities that include a boiler house with 6 Lancashire broilers, an ornate cooling pond, set amidst properly designed grounds. The ornamental engine house is residence to the former twin-beam engines that were built in 1884 by James Watt and you can witness a beautiful combination of artistic designs and Victorian engineering, with intricately adorned columns, attractive stained glass windows and elegant brass & mahogany. Bestwood Country park is yet another industrial achievement that houses the Winding Engine House, one of the last remnants of a large quarry that governed the landscape.

Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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Approx. 20 mins to the north of Nottingham is the Newstead Abbey, a former residence of Lord Byron, a poet whose tomb lies in the Newstead Parish Church. Originally an Augustinian cloister that was constructed in 1170 by Henry II, most of its original constructions are visible including the dining hall, the west entrance to the church, the chapterhouse and the friaries. Lord Byron’s rooms have been maintained as they were in his lifetime with most of his vestiges on display. Don’t miss the beautiful garden with its rare and ancient assortment of trees, tropical gardens of Japanese origin, in addition to the streams and lakes in the grounds.

Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nottingham
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15 miles to the northeast side of Nottingham is Southwell, a small market town which makes for a promising base for exploring Robin Hood’s home town. Other notable attractions in the area include the heritage houses along the Westgate and Church Street, the Old Methodist Church and the 12th century Southwell Minster, the transepts and nave of which have been preserved along with its Norman towers. The most glorious part of the Southwell Minster is its 13th-century chapterhouse with its magnificent entrance and an abundance of gorgeous lifelike flowers and leaves, grapes, vines, human figurines, animals.

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