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Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool

Planning A Trip To Liverpool? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Liverpool

Being the center of attention for innovation and industrial development, Liverpool has also been in the limelight for being a public art conservation centre, giving space to the first library for renting books, for having the oldest ongoing staging theatre and the Liverpool Playhouse. There’s a diverse background of architectural marvels existent in the city, right from the 16th century Tudor constructs to present-day modern architecture, with a large volume of the building dating back to the late 18th century, during which the city was developing into one of the leading powers in the British Kingdom. Several sites in Liverpool have been accorded the UNESCO world heritage site title as well.


With tourist attractions spread all across the city, Liverpool has more galleries and museum than any other city in the United Kingdom. Here’s a glimpse of tourist places you can visit on your travel to the city of Liverpool.

The Royal Albert Dock

The Royal Albert Dock:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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Reminiscent of the city’s rich industrial past and made of harbors and granaries along the waterside, the Royal Albert Dock was the first fireproof warehouse system in the world with the use of bricks and iron instead of wood. A pioneer in technological advancements like hydraulic cranes and with an innovative port, Albert Dock is a heritage site that attracts over 4,000,000 visitors annually and one of the best places with food and entertainment options and a well-maintained history of Liverpool.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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If you love history, them the iconic maritime history of Liverpool would interest you. The Merseyside maritime museum is located at the core of the Royal Albert Dock where you can witness the progression of this renowned port with shipwrecked objects, boats, paintings, uniforms, ship models and more. The museum displays the city’s nautical feats to the ‘T’ and includes many exhibits depicting life at sea, in addition to the city’s role in the Atlantic Battle during World War II. Enjoy stunning sights of the Dock and the waterfront on the 4th floor with an amazing array of delicious food, while on the ground floor, you will find a shop for all your seafaring keepsakes.

World Museum

World Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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One of Liverpool’s biggest exhibitions that displays artifacts revolving around space, history, culture and natural science, the World Museum has been around since 1851, restored multiple times to house its growing collection of exhibits. Today, it houses a live bughouse, an aquarium, a planetarium and also hosts a variety of exotic creepy-crawlies. The museum uncovers earth’s history dating back millions of years with scores of hands-on activities and displays.


Spaceport:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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For space enthusiasts, Liverpool’s Spaceport features a variety of rooms with different themes that include different hands-on activities like the solar system or space pods, in addition to an interactive zone with games and experiences pertaining to gravity and light.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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One of Britain’s biggest cathedrals and the 5th largest in Europe, the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is a popular tourist spot with an interesting calendar of events ranging from huge gala dinners, conferences and classical music performances. You can enjoy a gorgeous view from the top of the tower, 500 ft above sea level called the Tower Experience, which includes panoramic views of the city and more, along with the mesmerizing Mersey Sunset.

Speke Hall, Garden & Estate

Speke Hall, Garden & Estate:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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Originally built in 1530, the Speke Hall has an ambient interior spanning different era, dating way back from the Tudor period, while the smaller rooms and the Oak Parlor illuminate the Victorian privacy & comfort requirements. With some intricately designed carved furniture and luxurious Jacobean plasterwork, a completely equipped kitchen and quarters for the servants, visitors are privy to ‘behind the scenes’. The remodeled Garden boasts of a rose garden, stream garden, summer border and spring bulbs with glorious views of the Mersey Basin and woodland walks, in addition to the North Wales hills from a high bank called Bund.

The Bluecoat

The Bluecoat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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A 300-year-old, Grade I listed building, the Bluecoat stands in the heart of Liverpool’s centre with a year-round program of music, dance, literature, live & visual arts. It also houses an assortment of creative businesses and artists from ceramic ware, jewelry, boutique apparel, handmade accessories to specialized handmade items and silversmiths. Those visiting the Bluecoat are invited to enjoy the ongoing exhibitions, relax in the tranquility of the garden with a cake and coffee from the Espresso bar, indulge in a locally-sourced meal from the bistro upstairs or participate in performances onsite, offering something for everyone.

U Boat Story

U Boat Story:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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The U-Boat Story is a journey through the World War II of the German Submarine U-534 which represents life on board with an original film archive and interactive exhibits illuminating the cross-sectioned sub, spread in four sections with glass partitions and amazing interiors, and well-preserved artifacts that include a rare Enigma machine. The exhibition’s unique and interactive displays will help you gain an insightful perspective of life as was during the war and the lasting mystery U-534.

Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Liverpool
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The Walker Art Gallery houses some really amazing and spectacular collection of sculptures, decorative arts and paintings that go back over 600 years, including incredible masterpieces by Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Poussin and Rubens, making it one of the finest art galleries in Europe. In addition, you’ll find a large collection of 20th-century contemporary art, Tudor portraits, Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite works and more, with over 500 pieces of glass, pottery, furniture, ceramics and furniture from the historic era to the 20th century.

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