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Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar

Planning A Trip To Gandhinagar? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Gandhinagar

Being the greenest city of Asia, Gandhinagar is one of the premium tourist places in India. A visit to this marvelous city can be a delightful experience if you know where to visit, how to visit tourist spots in Gandhinagar. It is also a religious genre place with several divine temples. The architectural virtuosity of many of the sights in Gandhinagar is noteworthy. The Gujarati spirit makes Gandhinagar more heartwarming. There is a huge list of places to visit in Gandhinagar and around Ahmedabad and therefore it is difficult to cover all of them in one article. However, below we list some of the must-visit and prominent places in Gandhinagar.

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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The Akshardham temple is the heart of the Swaminarayan Akshardham complex. The temple was inaugurated on October 30th, 1992. The temple pays great homage to the Hindu traditional architecture and is aesthetically appealing. The basement of the temple is known as Prasadi Mandapam while the first floor is known as the Vibhuti Mandapam. the Akshardham is considered one of the biggest temples in India a major pilgrim destination. No visit to Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar is complete without a visit to this magnificent temple.


Timing: 9:30am – 7:30pm (Monday closed)

Address: Sector 20, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Sarita Udhyan

Sarita Udhyan:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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Sarita Udhyan is a beautiful garden that is most often visited by locals and tourists alike. It is also the most visited place in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. This beautiful garden is situated on the bank of River Sabarmati which increases the charm of this delightful garden. Sarita Udhyan has a beautiful flower blooming in the greenery which makes the garden more scenic. A lot of visitors also enjoy taking a walk at Deer Park which is located near the Udhyan.


Timing: 8 am – 7 pm 

Address: Sector 9, Indroda, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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The Adalaj Stepwell is a chief tourist attraction in Gandhinagar, located in the southwest of Gandhinagar. The Adlaj Stepwell is commonly known as Adalaj Ni Vav in Gujarati. It was built in 1498 by Queen Rudabai, the wife Veersinh who was the Vaghela chief. This place has a fabulous display of cultural architecture. It is a five-storey building with several walls. It was built to curb the water crisis in and around the Adalaj Village. The place looks even more beautiful during the night because of the lightning display. So do not forget to visit this majestic and historic place in Gandhinagar.


Timing: 8 am – 6 pm 

Address: Adalaj road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Dandi Kutir (Salt Mount) Museum

Dandi Kutir (Salt Mount) Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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Dandi Kutir is India’s largest museum which has a rich collection of life and teachings of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This one of a kind museum is specifically designed with highly technical aspects such as video and 3D visuals, audio, 360-degree shows, and others portraying the biography of Mahatma Gandhi. A visit here provides a varied knowledge depicting the life of the Father of Nation. This is a must-visit place for children who should get to know more about Mahatma Gandhi, his struggle for freedom, and contributions to the nation.


Timing: 10:30 am – 5 pm

Address: Salt mount, Sector 13C, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Punit Van

Punit Van:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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In Gujarati, Punit means “Holy” and Van means “Forest” hence the Garden is called a Holy Forest. This is a Botanical Garden developed by the forest department of the Gujarat Government. This emphasized tourist spot is divided into large sections: Nakshatra Van, Rashi Van, Nav Grah Van, and Panchvati Van. It is one of the top vacationer attractions.

Timing: 5 am – 11 am and 5 pm – 7:30 pm

Address: Road number 4B, Sector 18, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Sant Sarovar Dam

Sant Sarovar Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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The Sant Sarovar Dam is an eminent one-day picnic spot in Gandhinagar. The dam is built on the bank of River Sabarmati. The dam is managed and maintained by the state government of Gujarat. The dam is located behind the Sarita Udyan, thus usually very crowded on weekends. It gets more serene and scenic when overflowed. Many locals and visitors love to spend time at this venue and click many selfies with friends and family.

Swarnim Srushti Water Park

Swarnim Srushti Water Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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Water parks are always exhilarating to visit as they are one of the primary sources of fun and memorable moments we get there with friends and family. Swarnim Srushti Water Park is an amazing and thrilling amusement water park near Gandhinagar. It isn’t that far, an hour and a half drive can get you to this amusement water park where everyone, especially the children, will have a wonderful time. It has incredible artificial waterfalls, wave pools, snowfall, and adventurous water rides, a miracle tunnel, pendulum, and lots of stuff for eating.


Timing: 11 am – 5 pm

Address: Gandhinagar – Mahudi Highway, Gujarat

Indroda Nature Park

Indroda Nature Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhinagar
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The last on our list is the Indroda Nature Park. This park is the second-largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. Rightly regarded as the Jurassic Park of India, this magnificent park is run and managed by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER). Apart from that, it is also the only dinosaur museum in the country. So this place undoubtedly becomes one of the most and a must-visit spot in Gujarat. You’ll hardly get to see what can be experienced at this place anywhere in India. Along with that, it also has a zoological park which is home to many species of reptiles, birds, langurs, peafowls, and so on. A zoo, massive skeletons of a blue whale along with other sea mammals, camping facility, botanical garden, amphitheater, and interpretation center are some of the other things offered by this unique park.

Timing: 8 am - 6 pm

Address: Sector 7, Gandhinagar

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