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Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh

Planning A Trip To Junagadh? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Junagadh

If you are a history lover and want to experience the essence of an ancient city, visit Junagadh. This city is said to be existing since the time of great Ashoka and was once the capital of the Mauryan and the Gupta dynasty. Later, the city was ruled by the Chudasama Rajputs until the 15th century. Then, the city came under the leadership of Muslim rulers who continued to rule the city till India’s independence. Here we present a list of some exciting places to visit in the 'old' city Junagadh.

Mahabat Maqbara

Mahabat Maqbara:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://live.staticflickr.com

Mahabat Maqbara is one of the best places to visit in Junagadh. It was built by Mahabat Khan in 1892 and is famous for its beautiful architecture. People are not permitted to go inside, but being here and simply admiring its exterior will also be a treat to your eyes. A seamless blend of European, Indo-Islamic, and Gothic architecture; it is just extraordinary. By visiting this place, you will understand a lot more about the chronicle of this monument. The stairs are strikingly beautiful and worth visiting if you are in the neighborhood.


Location: Mullawada, Junagadh

Timings: 24 hours, all days

Entry: Free

Adi-kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo

Adi-kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by http://www.indiapalette.com

These are 2 step wells inside the premises of the historic Uperkot Fort. Usually, wells are bored into the ground by layers of soil and stones. But the strange thing about them is that it appears that the construction is done above the ground. The best part is that these step wells are carved out of the stone in the ground, unlike most wells that we know of. Technically, the entire structure is carved out of a single stone, which is simply amazing. Therefore, it is a must-visit spot for tourists to get amazed by their architecture.


Location: Uperkot Fort, Junagadh

Timings: 8 am to 6 pm, all days

Entry: Free

Sarkeshwar Beach

Sarkeshwar Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://www.gujarattourism.com

Near the southern tip of the Saurashtra region and near the border of Junagadh & Amreli district, lies the peaceful Sarkeshwar beach. The foremost attraction of the beach for many visitors is the blue-green water. The calmness and the fine quality of sand allow for different water sports activities. The backdrop of the sea is extremely attractive and the sunset is one of the best sights. So, don’t forget to visit this beautiful beach when you visit Junagadh the next time.


Location: Jafarabad, Junagadh

Timings: 24 hours, all days

Entry: Free

Sakkarbaug Zoo

Sakkarbaug Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://www.zoopraha.cz

Located on the Junagadh-Rajkot highway, the Sakkarbaug Zoo was established in 1863 and is one of the oldest zoological parks in India. It is also known by the name Junagadh Zoo and Sakkarbaug Zoological Gardens. You can spot the rare Asiatic Lions along with blue bull, antelopes, wild boar, etc. Besides animals, there is a huge collection of different species of birds for visitors. The zoo is divided into three sections: one for birds, another one for wild animals, and last for deers or antelopes. Moreover, the zoo also has an aquarium and reptiles like snakes and crocodiles. The park also houses a natural history museum with a large veterinary hospital. Children and people of all ages will love spending hours in the zoo and knowing more about wild animals.


Location: Junagadh-Rajkot Highway, Dolatpara, Junagadh

Timings: 8:30 am - 6 pm, all days, except Wednesdays

Entry: INR 10 per child above 3 years of age and INR 20 per person above 12 years.

Wellington Dam

Wellington Dam:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://cdn.s3waas.gov.in

The Wellington dam is built over the Kalwa river at the foothills of Girnar Hills. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Junagadh. The water from the dam is used for commercial and domestic purposes within Junagadh and in the adjoining villages. The best time to visit the dam is during the monsoon season, when it’s raining and the amazing sound of the water falling from a decent height increasing the water level of the waterfalls.


Location: Girnar, Junagadh

Timings: all days

Entry: Free

Holy Shrine of Jamil Shah Datar

Holy Shrine of Jamil Shah Datar:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://i.ytimg.com

A 15th-century old shrine of Hazrat Sakhi Jamil Shah is an iconic spot revered by many Muslims and Hindus alike. The holy shrine is located in Gujarat's Junagadh range at the top of the Dataar Hills. Like any other religious place, the shrine offers a peaceful environment with a sweet sound of air. The Urs of Hazrat Jamil Shah is celebrated every year with great splendor and show. Along with the holy shrine, the thing that amazes the visitors is the view from the top of the hills, which is simply outstanding. A sensational panoramic view of the entire city from the top is popular amongst tourists. Indeed, one of the best places to visit in Junagadh.

Jatashankar Mahadev Temple

Jatashankar Mahadev Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://content3.jdmagicbox.com

Jatashankar Mahadev Temple is a famous Hindu temple in the Junagadh region which is visited by many Hindus throughout the year. The temple is located on the rear side of the Girnar Hills. The area is concealed with dense forests and green hills. The temple houses Shivlinga on which there’s a water stream that directly falls on the Shivling as a continuous water Bath. The Sonrekh river originates from here and there’s also a waterfall on this river where the water falls from the height of nearly 20 ft. It’s a beautiful place to be around.

Girnar Hills and Uperkot Fort

Girnar Hills and Uperkot Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Junagadh
Photograph by https://simplyoffbeat.com

At a distance of mere 5 km from the Junagadh city center, there’s a famous tourist spot known by the name, Girnar Hills. It's a collection of hills and considered ancient, originating from the time of Vedas. It has been a religious place even before the Mohan-jo-Daro period. People trek to the top to offer homage to some beautiful Jain temples. The next attraction of the city is the historic Uperkot fort which was built by Chandragupta Maurya. There are many engaging places inside the fort. So visit these places and take a walk back to the great Indian history.

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