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Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel

Planning A Trip To Dhulikhel? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dhulikhel

Located at an altitude of almost 1500 m, Dhulikhel is a picturesque town situated at the very edge of Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. The strategic locality of Dhulikhel is the perfect vantage point for amazing views of snow clad mountains and lush green valleys.


The southern part of Dhulikhel can be viewed as the older section of the town that still features traditional Newari settlements and old-fashioned brick houses. While the panoramic hillside views form the highlight of Dhulikhel visits, this ancient town is also one of the best places to experience authentic Newari culture and the natural heritage of the region. Read on to know more about some of the best places to visit when in Dhulikhel.   

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.bilder-aus-nepal.de/

This idol made from zinc, copper, steel and cement is the tallest Shiva statue in the world, and measures over 140 feet in height. With spectacular views all around, this landmark witnesses thousands of visitors each week and is located in Sanga, a little distance away from Dhulikhel.

Thrangu Tashi Monastery (Namobuddha Temple)

Thrangu Tashi Monastery (Namobuddha Temple):  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by http://nepalimag.com/

This Tibetan Buddhist monument is one of the three most significant holy shrines in Nepal, and is the perfect place to take a glimpse into the monastic life. It is located in a region called Namobuddha that lies a little further ahead of Dhulikhel. Legend has it that this is the site where Prince Mahasatwo, who Buddha is believed to be a reincarnation of, gave up his life to save a tigress and her cubs.


The monastery features the stupa that is supposed to be the burial site of the prince, along with amazing views surrounding the monument that make it a popular tourist spot for the religious and non religious alike.  

Kali Temple/Hajaar Sidhi

Kali Temple/Hajaar Sidhi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.com/

Another temple located at a higher altitude with brilliant views of the Himalayas, green forests and terraced landscapes, the Kali Temple can be reached only after climbing a thousand steps. Unsurprisingly, this shrine devoted to the goddess Durga, also known as Kali, has been nicknamed the ‘Thousand Steps Temple’, or the 'Hajaar Sidhi'. On your way up, you will also encounter a giant Buddha statue known as the Shanti Ban.

Chandeshwari Temple

Chandeshwari Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by http://ttnotes.com/

Located in nearby Banepa, the Chandeshwari Temple is a popular pilgrimage spot for Hindus and features a large mural of Bhairab on one of its walls, along with animal sacrifices on certain festivals. The temple is dedicated to Chandeshwari who is one of the manifestations of the goddess Parvati. Chandeshwari is a reference to being the ‘slayer of Chand’, who, according to legend, was a demon that terrorized the people of the Valley until he was defeated by Chandeshwari.

Vishnu Temple

Vishnu Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.pinterest.com/

The three tiered monument consists of a small Vishnu shrine guarded by two Garudas, the man-bird that serves as Vishnu’s mount according to Hindu mythology. The temple is usually locked up behind a fence for the protection of the Vishnu shrine. However, with the temple being a popular site among locals and tourists, the outer courtyard often appears crowded with people.

Bhagwati Shiva Temple

Bhagwati Shiva Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dhulikhel
Photograph by http://ttnotes.com/

This Newari style temple is dedicated to Bhagwati, who is another manifestation of goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. It appears to be one of the tallest temples in the area because of being constructed on a raised platform on the highest point of the town. Like most other temples in the area, this one also features three roofs, along with a giant trident towards the front of the temple.

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