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Things To Do In Dhulikhel

Planning A Trip To Dhulikhel? Here's our list of top things to do in Dhulikhel

Dhulikhel is a small scenic town located in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This well preserved Newari settlement is a popular hub for splendid mountain viewpoints, along with being a fun place to explore trekking and biking opportunities.


Once known by the Buddhist name of Shrikhandapur, you can still find some ancient Buddhist stupas spread across the town. Moreover, numerous temples dedicated to various Hindu deities feature as one of the main attractions in this ancient historic region. Here is a detailed account on all the top things to do while in Dhulikhel, from river rafting to cycling, melas and fairs to adventurous treks.

Mountain biking from Dhulikhel to Namobuddha

Mountain biking from Dhulikhel to Namobuddha:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.sunriseadventuretrek.com/

This fun trek on bike usually lasts around three hours and will take you through the Kali Temple, followed by the villages of Kavre and Faskot, ending at the Thrangu Tashi Monastery located on the hilltop of Namobuddha. Get your cycling gear in order and take off, because this is a very scenic way of exploring the town. 

Watch the Sunrise

Watch the Sunrise:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.mylittleadventure.com/

Apart from Nagarkot, Dhulikhel is one of the top sunrise viewpoints in the Valley area. Most of the resorts in Dhulikhel are located at scenic spots that provide the perfect opportunity for basking in the beauty of dawns and dusks.

Dhulikhel-Nagarkot Trek

Dhulikhel-Nagarkot Trek:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://www.bookmundi.com/

The distance between Dhulikhel and Nagarkot can be covered on foot for those who don’t mind a moderate uphill trek. The journey can be covered in around 3-4 hours and passes through Banepa and Nala, with a hike that will take you through exciting views of the Kathmandu Valley. The fascinating temples of Chandeshwari, Nala Bhagwati, and the Buddhist shrine of Lokeshwar can be encountered along the way and should be visited. Gosaikunda is also a wonderful viewpoint that is encountered en route to Nagarkot. 

Kathmandu Fun Valley

Kathmandu Fun Valley:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://ranknepal.com/

Around 20 km away from Dhulikhel on the Araniko Highway, an amusement park known as Kathmandu Fun Valley offers numerous fun activities for those looking to catch a break from the usual sightseeing bustle. It features a water park to beat the heat during summertime, and rides and activities suitable for both kids and adults alike. It also houses restaurants. Outside food is not allowed within the complex. 

Visit Tatopani

Visit Tatopani:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by http://discovery.cathaypacific.com/

Tatopani is a natural hot spring located at the Tibetan border around 80 km away from Dhulikhel. It is visited by thousands of people every winter who take dips into the spring and believe the water body to have healing properties.


The Chinese border is located about 4 km from Tatopani where you will find markets selling Chinese consumable goods that are also imported to Nepal. There is also the native Khasa village of China that is worth paying a visit to. 

Explore Panauti

Explore Panauti:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by https://blonholiday.wordpress.com/

Panauti is a small town located around 10 km away from Dhulikhel, at the junction of the two rivers Rosikhola and Punyamati. The town features a number of religious monuments, local markets and residences that showcase their original Newari culture. Also considered one of the most artistic towns in Nepal, Panauti Jatra is an iconic marvel to witness in the area. It is a three-day festival that is celebrated in the month of May-June and features a number of unique ceremonies and celebrations. 

River Rafting at Sunkoshi River

River Rafting at Sunkoshi River:  Things To Do In Dhulikhel
Photograph by http://www.missionecotrek.com/

River rafting on the river Sunkoshi begins and ends at Dolalghat, which is located around 30 km from Dhulikhel. The river originates from Tibet and is a haven for rafting enthusiasts. Dhulikhel might appear to be just a serene spot with peaceful locations, but for those seeking a little more thrill, this might be one of the best sports to pursue.  

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