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8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai

Planning A Trip To Chennai (Madras)? Here's our list of 8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai.

Chennai is the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is also known as the ‘Culture Capital’ of South India. Chennai has a rich past that was carved by the efforts of the British East India Company. Situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, it was built as a coastal outpost for the East India Company when they were granted land by the ruling Telugu emperor in 1639. Formerly known as Madras, this southern metropolitan has been the torch-bearer in the whole of South India for carrying the ancient culture forward. Today, it stands strong as the fourth largest city in India, attracting tourists with its magnificent architecture and humble culture. Chennai has been instrumental in treating tourists with humility and respect. A prominent feature of this city is the lexicon of British architecture intertwined with the essence of Telugu culture that makes it a quintessential place to visit in South India. Here are the 8 top tourist places to visit in Chennai.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by by user Serch

Marina Beach of Chennai is the second longest beach in the world. It has a 12km long coastline that is enclosed with palm trees along the promenade. It is a great tourist spot where you can spot locals taking long walks and enjoying the calm sea-breeze. One can take an evening stroll and enjoy street food like Murukku and Sundal that is famous amongst the locals. This beach is excellent for experiencing a magnificent sunset. Chennai youth can be seen taking half dips in the water as swimming is not an option at this beach due to the powerful undercurrents. Horse rides offered across the length of this beach are a major draw for children.

Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church

Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

The Santhome Cathderal Basilica Church bears a massive significance in the religion of Christianity since it is built on the site where Saint Thomas - one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles died. It is believed that Saint Thomas built a chapel here after he travelled to India in AD 52. Then the Portuguese built the Basilica in the 16th century which was later rebuilt by the British in 1893. The Church displays splendid architecture by the British which is preserved in the best state that depicts the faith of Catholic followers. The Church has drawn believers from all parts of the world; even Pope John Paul II prayed in this church in 1986.

Fort St. George

Fort St. George:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by user blob59

Considered to be the first ever establishment of British in India, the St. George Fort was built as early as 1644 along the coast of Bay of Bengal. It is the most visited place by tourists as this fort showcases the Church of St. Mary - the oldest Anglican Church in the country and the Wellesley House Museum, within its walls. Travelers can take a look at the oldest structures built by British and experience the architectural splendour of these buildings. The Museum hosts some of the very rare relics of the Maharaja era of India. Tourists can take a guided tour to explore St. George Fort, historically known as White Town and experience the grandeur that it has showcased over the last ten years for being the Administrative Headquarters of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu.

Guindy National Park

Guindy National Park:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by user VinothChander

Guindy National Park is the only park in India that is situated within the city suburbs. This park is one of the smallest in the country but inhabits a variety of trees, shrubs and mammals. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of a rare Black Winged Kite while on a safari in this park. Along with Spotted Deer, Elephants and some species of wild cats, this park is a home to many snake and reptile species that are kept in the adjoining Guindy Snake Park. You can experience the might of the mysterious Indian King Cobra and take a trip into its kingdom alongside the in-house species of Adders and Vipers. If interested, tourists can also join the Chennai Turtle Walk at midnight to support the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle.


Mylapore:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by user iVinay

To get a slice of ethnic Chennai, you should also take a ride to the markets and explore the oldest parts of the city. Mylapore tank and the Mandavali area serve the purpose well. It is the oldest residential sector of the city and the tank is a part of the seventh century Kapaleeshwar Temple. The entire area is built around this temple that is to a traveller’s surprise, the best place to observe the culture of Chennai. The narrow streets and roads that lead to the temple are flocked with shops that sell flowers and temple offerings. It is an exceptional phenomenon that will give you a chance to be one amongst the locals.

Express Avenue Mall

Express Avenue Mall:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by user AravindiA

One of the largest shopping malls in Chennai, Express Avenue mall is established for the brand conscious elite. This mall is besotted with international brands for the crème de la crème of India. A mesh-mash of business and leisure, this mall has been awarded the most admired mall of 2011 in India. Fun city and Escape city are two entertainment joints established in the mall that attract crowds from all walks of life.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by user VinothChandar

If you are a bird watcher and an avid adventure junkie then Vedanthangal is a place for you. One of the biggest bird sanctuaries in India, this place is a haven for nature lovers. November to February is the best time to visit.

Vandalur Zoo

Vandalur Zoo:  8 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai
Photograph by Nikita Kapoor

Founded in 1855, The Arignar Anna Zoological Park a.k.a. Vandalur Zoo, was the first public zoo in India. Spread across 230 acres, Vandalur Zoo is the largest zoological park in India. Located about 30 kilometers from the city center, the zoo is home to over 1500 wild species including 46 endangered species. A must visit for animal lovers and families with kids.

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