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Things To Do In Tripura

Planning A Trip To Tripura? Here's our list of top things to do in Tripura

Tripura is the confluence of different cultural influences and religious communities. The architectural grandeur, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, gorgeous landscapes and home to large number wild animals, local and migratory birds make Tripura a highly coveted tourist destination. It has little something for every traveller and those travelling to the state are recommended to indulge in the following activities to get the real flavour of Tripura.

Exploring Royal Past of Tripura at Ujjayanta Palace

Exploring Royal Past of Tripura at Ujjayanta Palace:  Things To Do In Tripura
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The Ujjayanta Palace is a grand structure located on the banks of a placid lake opposite to the Jagannath Temple. While the original structure was damaged by earthquake in 1897, it was rebuilt and reconstructed by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya between 1899 and 1901. The palace is sprawled across a huge area and there are a number of halls like Throne Room, Durbar Hall, Reception, library etc. From 1972 to 2011, the palace operated as the State Legislative Assembly and today it has been converted into a museum. It is one of the biggest museums in northeast India.

Exploring Jagannath Bari

Exploring Jagannath Bari:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Jagannath Temple also known as Jagannath Bari, houses idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and Devi Shubhadra. The temple is located in Agartala very close to Raaj Bari or the Royal Palace and Agartala Press Club. The temple is held in much reverence and is visited by large number of pilgrims. There is a well maintained pond inside the temple where visitors can feed fishes. On the banks of this pond there are huge statues of Lord Krishna and Arjuna depicting the war scene from Mahabharata.

Making a Wish at Matabari in Udaipur

Making a Wish at Matabari in Udaipur:  Things To Do In Tripura
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There is an Udaipur in Tripura as well and one should not confuse it with Udaipur city of Rajasthan. Here visitors will come across Tripura Sundari Devi temple which is extremely popular. The temple is also known as Tripueshwari Temple or Mata Bari. It is visited by large number of people every year. It is one of the most famous Shakti Peethas of the country. There is a small sanctum where the idol is keep and worshipped daily by the priest. If you visit during off season it will relatively less crowded.

Boating in Neermahal Palace

Boating in Neermahal Palace:  Things To Do In Tripura
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After a quick visit to Tripureshwari Temple followed by a lunch tourists can make the next stop at Neermahal Palace. Neermahal Palace or Water Palace is located on the banks of Rudrasagar Lake and it presents a great opportunity to go boating once you reach the palace premises. Take a boat ride to reach the palace which is another grand structure. The palace has 24 rooms and is definitely worth a visit.

Visiting Heritage Park

Visiting Heritage Park:  Things To Do In Tripura
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The Agartala Heritage Park is considered to be the first heritage park in northeast India. It is an unique park which has been designed in such a way that it gives visitors an insight into the art, culture, lifestyle, heritage and wildlife reserves of the state. The park consists of three parts. The first part is the entrance which offers glimpses of mini Tripura. The middle part is displays the forest area and a third part that is dedicated to herbs, shrubs and medicinal plants.

Learning the Primitive Art Forms in Unakoti

Learning the Primitive Art Forms in Unakoti:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Unakoti is an interesting tourist destination which has large number of rock carvings and murals spread across an enormous area. The lush green landscape dotted with rock carvings and amazing waterfalls make Unakoti quite a lucrative place for a visit. It is a heritage site and a place of interest for history lovers. There are some fascinating carved images of Vishnu, Ganesha, Hanuman, Uma-Maheshwar, Ravana etc. the site is an archaeological wonders and definitely worth a visit and exploration.

Exploring Pilak

Exploring Pilak:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Pilak is another interesting destination located 100 km from Agartala in Belonia. Pilak is a treasure trove of Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. The sculptures date back to 8th and 9th centuries and there are a number of terracotta plaques recovered from the sites which are of much historical importance. Some of these plaques are sealed with stupas and images of Narasimhan and Avolokiteshwara.

Go Tribal Walking in Jampui Hills

Go Tribal Walking in Jampui Hills:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Jampui Hills is the highest mountain range in the region and is located about 250km from Agartala. It is a beautiful tourist site as it boasts of a gorgeous landscape and beautiful weather. Tourists can visit the hills and soak in the serenity and calmness that prevails here. Undertake a walk through the hills and its vicinity which are inhabited by tribal communities like Lushai. It allows tourists to gain an insight into their lifestyle and culture while enjoying the scenic beauty and pleasant weather.

Eating in Tripura

Eating in Tripura:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Like most parts of the country, Tripura boasts of a delectable and unique cuisine that is flavourful. Agartala in particular offers a range of choices for the foodies and there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available with ease. For non-vegetarians the options are more and there are a number of dishes that are recommended including chutney of dry fish. Bursting with flavours, the chutney is a must try and must be tried with rice and dal. Apart from this try the traditional cuisine of Tripura also known as Mui Borok. As Tripura shares border with Bangladesh there is a strong influence of Bangladeshi food in Tripura cuisine. Chinese food is equally popular.

Shopping in Tripura

Shopping in Tripura:  Things To Do In Tripura
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Shopping in Tripura is a beautiful experience. Bamboo and cane artefacts are extremely popular here and a must buy for tourists who are looking to carry back souvenirs of their trip to the state. You can pick up some exclusive showpieces for your homes like table lamps, dolls, cane room dividers etc. floor mats, furniture are equally popular and displays brilliant workmanship. Tribal shawl and mekhla are good items for purchase.

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