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Things To Do In Agartala

Planning A Trip To Agartala? Here's our list of top things to do in Agartala

Tripura is one of the Seven Sister States in the north-eastern part of the country and Agartala is its capital city. Though a small state, Agartala nevertheless boasts of a domestic airport and railway station which has contributed to growth in tourism due to ease of travel and improved connectivity. There are a number of tourist places to visit in and around Agartala and activities to indulge in during one’s stay in the city. Let us take you through some of the things to do here.

Take a Tour of Ujjayanta Palace

Take a Tour of Ujjayanta Palace:  Things To Do In Agartala
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One of the biggest attractions in the city is the Ujjayanta Palace. It is beautiful piece of architecture and has continued to dominate the skyline of the city for over a century. The Palace was rebuilt in 1901 after damaged suffered from earthquake. The palace belonged to the ruling royal family and in 1972 it was taken over to serve as the Legislative Assembly of Tripura. That was till 2011 when the government decided to convert it into a museum. Today it serves as the Tripura State Museum and is one of the biggest museums in the region. When in Agartala take time out to visit the palace and the collections.

Take a Religious Trip

Take a Religious Trip:  Things To Do In Agartala
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Ujjayanta Palace ground house a number of temples and for the more religiously-inclined it is a good opportunity to visit these. There is the Jagannath Temple or Jagannath Bari which dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The temple also houses the idols of Lord Balaram and Shubhadra. The architecture of the temple is very interesting as it is an unique blend of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. The other is the Ummeshwar Temple that has typical Bengal temple architectural features. It is interesting to note that Tripura has a significant Bengali influence in their food, architecture and lifestyle.

Trek in Jampui Hills

Trek in Jampui Hills:  Things To Do In Agartala
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Jampui Hills or ‘Orange Basket’ as it is also referred to as is a beautiful place. The hills is the highest mountain range in Tripura bordering Mizoram. The scenic beauty is truly enthralling and as you take a walk in the hills the chill feels refreshing. Jampui Hills is also famous for its trekking route that takes trekkers to the highest peak, Betlingchhip Peak. The route is a stunning one as trekkers are taken through meandering streams, valleys, hills and peaceful tribal villages. The trek starts from Agartala and the trek is not only thrilling but also extremely therapeutic. The route is not a very challenging one and hence all can take it.

Go for Wildlife Sighting and Photography

Go for Wildlife Sighting and Photography:  Things To Do In Agartala
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If you are wildlife lover or photographer you should not miss Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to large number of wild animals, birds and diverse flora and fauna. Tourists can sight a number of animals including the Clouded Leopard that is very popular here. Crab-consuming mongoose is another popular species. Winter is a good time to visit the sanctuary. There are forest Bungalows where tourists can stay for the night.

Explore Heritage Park

Explore Heritage Park:  Things To Do In Agartala
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Heritage Park is another interesting attraction for tourists. This is a place for day outing for families with kids. The park was set up to showcase the unique culture, heritage and history of the state. The park is divided into three zones, each zone highlighting an aspect of the state. The first zone allows tourists to get a glimpse of mini Tripura. The second zone focuses on the state’s forests while the third id dedicated to medicinal plants and herbs that are found in Tripura.

Eating in Agartala

Eating in Agartala:  Things To Do In Agartala
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Agartala is a good place for food lovers and offers wide variety of choices for both vegetarians and noon-vegetarians. Different varieties of fish and rice form integral part of their cuisine. The non-tribal Bengali population also prefer mutton, chicken and pork. A typical variety of frog is also consumed here. Moi Borok is their traditional cuisine. Bengali and Chinese cuisine is also extremely popular here. There are a large number of eateries and restaurants in Agartala where foodies can eat to their heart’s content.

Shopping in Agartala

Shopping in Agartala:  Things To Do In Agartala
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There are large number of markets and bazaars where tourists can go shopping in Agartala. The city is known for its exotic handicrafts and handlooms and a large number of artefacts are available here. Cane and bamboo furniture, mats, partitions, lamp shades are found widely. Clay and palm leaves craft is also very popular here. The tribal people of the state contribute with their beautiful works of art. Purbasa is the state government emporium where you can pick up handicraft items. There are also private shops where you can get some good deals. For clothes and accessories there are emporiums and big markets.

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