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Things To Do In Katra

Planning A Trip To Katra? Here's our list of top things to do in Katra

Katra is a quaint little town in the state of Jammu And Kashmir and home to the second most popular pilgrimage site in India; the Vaishno Devi Temple. It serves as the base for religious folks from all over the country to go visit Mata Mahalakshmi at the Vaishno Devi Temple. If you are pious and want to visit different temples in Katra, you are in luck because leaving Vaishno Devi aside; there are a number of other temples in this holy town that makes the travelers spiritual journey even more enjoyable. But, Katra is not only limited to taking religious journeys as one can choose from a number of recreational activities in the vicinity. If you are there in summer, shake the heat off by taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of Karua Jheel or take a horseback ride to Shivkhori up in the hills. The adventurous folks should try white water rafting or mountain biking for thrills and nature enthusiasts can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, as it is best viewed from the undulating slopes of Katra. Either way, there is something for every traveler who visits Katra.


Have we hyped you up enough already? Keep reading and browse through our list of things to do in Katra before planning your itinerary.  

Go on a Religious Journey

Go on a Religious Journey:  Things To Do In Katra
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Fulfil your spiritual journey by visiting various temples with different mythological beliefs and offer your prayers to attain lifelong blessings. The major temples in Katra are quite ancient, which makes them even more pristine and popular among pilgrims. Other than Vaishno Devi, there are a lot many temples in the same vicinity that are worth visiting. The Shivkhori Cave Temple is a unique one with a lingam that is naturally made from cave rocks and attracts a lot of crowd. The Bhairavnath Temple which is situated right next to the hill that the Vaishno Devi Temple is on, is also a great one to visit. In fact, it is said that the pilgrimage to the Holy Bhawan is incomplete without a visit to the Bhairavnath Temple.

Bathe in the Karua Jheel

Bathe in the Karua Jheel:  Things To Do In Katra
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Karua is another village in Reasi which is religious and is known for Baba Dhansar Temple. The temple is situated on the banks of the Sarovar Lake, which is called Karua Jheel in that area. The Baba Dhansar Temple has different sculptures and images that take tourists to the bygone era. It is a well revered temple and is said that if one has a strong conviction towards the temple and takes a dip in the Karua Jheel, all of their wishes come true. It is due to this belief that a lot of pilgrims visit this temple on their way back from the Vaishno Devi Temple. The scenic landscape of Karua Jheel and the glistening water is a beauty for people of all ages and a must visit.

Take a horseback ride

Take a horseback ride:  Things To Do In Katra
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Although the beauty of the north is best felt when one discovers it on foot, a horseback ride might also be a good idea. Unearth the Himalayan Mountains on horseback and get an opportunity to breathe in the magnificent view it offers. If you are going to visit the ‘Devi’ at the Holy Bhawan on horseback, you will start at Banganga, which is the base and get off directly at the Temple. While riding the horse, enjoy the enthralling view while maneuvering the horse on the undulated uphill paths. You may choose to ride a horse to other attractions like Shivkhori as well. A professional guide will accompany you and make your journey through those roads safe.

Enjoy a Picnic at the Banks of Jhajjar

Enjoy a Picnic at the Banks of Jhajjar:  Things To Do In Katra
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Jhajjar Kotli is a famous water picnic spot located at the banks of river Jhajjar. The beautiful pebbled banks and the transparent clear water of the river are really what pull the crowd. After completing different pilgrimages at Katra, Jhajjar Kotli offers tourists a place to relax and unwind. Enjoy a day of picnic with your family and friends and spend some time breathing fresh air and resting in the midst of serene surroundings. The Jammu And Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation has built tourist bungalows at this spot to facilitate visitors. A lot of people visit Jhajjar Kotli to rejuvenate after their pilgrimage, during the hot months of summer, which is usually the peak time for people to visit Katra.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting:  Things To Do In Katra
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Feed the adventure junkie in you by going white water rafting on the Chenab River near Katra. It is an activity that can be undertaken both by beginners and experts. The 15 km stretch for white water rafting on the Chenab River is one of the best rafting stretches in India. Although it is advised to be careful during rafting and paying attention to the instructions given at first, do catch a glimpse of the magnificent beauty of lush greeneries that surround the river. It is also advised to have proper rafting equipment, an experienced instructor and properly made rafts before venturing into the water. Don’t let go of the opportunity of white water rafting amidst foggy mountains.  

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking:  Things To Do In Katra
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Can you steer a two-wheeler on undulating rocky paths with ease? Then, mountain biking would be something that you would like to do. Riding through rocky hills and boulder-strewn paths, this activity is not for many, just the ones who are more adventurous. If you are a mountain biker, then you will love to ride on the many natural trails of the Himalayan range. This sport requires a good amount of stamina and endurance and is recommended for people who have the physical strength to pursue it. Although biking on the mountainous roads of Katra is quite challenging, it is definitely worth doing as you can enjoy lovely sceneries with cool breeze along with a lot of thrill.


Angling:  Things To Do In Katra
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The activity of Angling is described as catching fish by using an angle or with the help of a fishing rod and bait. Angling is a sport which is practiced by several people and undertaken by tourists when they visit Katra; and Jammu And Kashmir is known as the angler’s paradise. With a number of melted glaciers flowing into streams that carry a bounty of trout fish, the rivers of Katra offer anglers the perfect place to practice this sport. Although there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend angling, the Department of Fisheries have to supervise the sport, so that an ecological balance can be maintained.

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